Sation Nailstock Collection: "Magic Mani Bus" Nail Polish

This is my 3rd blogging day in a row wearing a Sation polish, and that means one thing- I love this brand!

Today I have another polish from their Woodstock themed collection, "Nailstock". This one is called "Magic Mani Bus" and I would buy this for the name alone. The fact that it is the perfect golden delicious apple green color just solidifies the fact that you need it!

Here's 3 layers of "Magic Mani Bus" (You can definitely get away with just 2, but for photo purposes, I did 3):

The formula on this was so fantastic!  It's a creme/jelly formula with a "bouncy" type of application- does that  sound weird?  I don't know why 'bouncy' is the word that I want to use, but it is. It has to do with the way that they brush and polish act together for me- this practically paints itself on- that's how easy it is to work with.  Other pastel type shades like this that I've used in the past have always been streak-ridden, but because of the formulation with this polish, you get none of that!

Took this after washing my hands, so they are a little wet- oops!

This make me so excited to try other Sation cremes (hint: I may have another one to show you this week ;-).  You can purchase "Magic Mani Bus" and check out the rest of this line on the Miss Professional Nail website!

What do you think of this delicious color?

***Disclosure- Products in this post were provided for review***


  1. Looks like a dupe for Essie Navigate Her!

  2. Very pretty and you have some great nails and photos.

  3. I looove the Sations too - this is one amazing green, i sense it will be in my collection sooon!

    1. I feel like we have very similar polish loves Melissa! That's why I like you so much!

  4. Oooh, I don't think I have a green this color. Must remedy that soon!