Twinsie Tuesday: Halloween Nails

Once again, it's Twinsie Tuesday!  This week's theme is "Halloween".

 I've been meaning to try a "blood splatter" manicure (who says this!?)  and figured this was the perfect time to go ahead and give it a shot!

I used Barielle "Beaches & Dreams" as my base color (post on that one soon- it's so pretty!), then I mixed Julep Catherine with a little bit of clear polish, added a dash of OPI Onyx and it gave me a pretty fabulous bright red blood polish. I dipped a straw inside the bottle that I mixed it in and used it like a dropper, sealing the top of the straw with my finger, and letting go when I wanted the polish to drip and splatter.  As you can imagine, the clean up for this was quite annoying, but I love how it turned out:

Don't forget to check out the other Twinsie's Halloween nails.  I can't wait to see what they have done!

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  1. These look great! I love the idea of using the straw like a dropper! I've tried blowing through it and it didn't work very well. :)

  2. Good job!! And that's a great idea to drop the polish on, you did a great job of clean up with RED polish!!

  3. This is some creepy awesomeness girl! Love it

  4. Such a scary gorgeous mani! Hope you and your family are safe! Have you guys in my thoughts today!!

  5. This is gorgeous...Love your frankened blood!

  6. Awesome!! I also love the little splatter you added to your watermark for today :)

  7. love this whole mani! and that watermark splatter is adorable

  8. It's like a crime scene on your nails, Maribeth--these look awesome!!

  9. Damn Maribeth is there something you wanna tell us!? haha this is awesome!

  10. OMG, Maribeth! This photo would look perfect on the set of Criminal Minds! Kinda creepy & gory, but so, so well executed! (pun intended!)

    PS: On another note, I hope you guys are all doing well & are safe - drop me a line when you can to let me know. Momma Bear's worried!

  11. Love it!! Makes me think of "Dexter." You did an amazing job!

  12. Eeewewwewe... These are fantastically gross.