China Glaze "Harvest Moon" (Hunger Games Collection)

So back when China Glaze released their Hunger Games collection at the beginning of the year, I promptly put this polish (and one other, Argo) aside because it just screamed "Fall" to me.  Here we are, well into the season with tons of holiday collections upon us,and I almost forgot to wear it!

 "Harvest Moon" is a burnt orange, shimmery, almost foil-like polish.  I am sort of obsessed with the color burnt orange when it comes to things in my home (throw pillows, throw blankets, basically all accent pieces) so I love this color, although I'm not sure if it goes that well with my pale skin tone.

Here's 2 layers:

This brings to mind foliage and hot apple cider! Very autumn-y!

If you would like to see the other colors from the Hunger Games collection, here's  Foie Gras, Luxe & Lush with Dress Me Up, Fast Track, Riveting, Hook & Line, Stone Cold, Mahogany Magic, Smoke & Ashes, and Electrify! (I will be wearing Argo soon too!).  Only took me the entire year to go through all of them ;)


  1. This was one of my favorite colors from that collection now that I think back. I went out and bought this whole collection like a true hoarder without thinking just because it was Hunger Games themed. Looking back, I should have passed on maybe half of this collection. The sad thing is that I haven't used them at all since I swatched them.

    1. Ugh. I got the entire collection and even though there were a few I didn't fall in love with, I feel like I can't trade them away because then my collection will be missing pieces, so instead they take up space in drawers :)

  2. When I tried this I was really glad I bought it too =D Such a fantastic colour!

  3. I was so wonderfully surprised by this one! I picked it up on sale, then when I finally tried it, it was just so perfect for fall. I love the rich, warm glow--and it looks beautiful on you, Maribeth!

  4. This is the perfect fall color, and it looks fantastic on you!