Julep Maven- November Nail Polish Box (Boho Glam)

Here are the contents of Julep's November Maven box. Mine is the "Boho Glam" style:

Inside this month's box, there were some great things: 2 'suede finish' polishes in the colors "Nora" and "Amber"; a large tub of Julep Pink Grapefruit Body Frosting; and 3 nail polish remover pads.

First, we need to discuss the Pink Grapefruit Body Frosting- THIS IS AWESOME! The fragrance and texture are absolutely heavenly. It truly has that 'whipped' consistency, and glides into the skin effortlessly, without making it feel greasy.  Also, as I may have noted before- if you name something after food, I am all up in that:

Onto the polishes!  First, here's "Nora", a charcoal polish with silver flecks that dries to a suede (matte) finish.  2 layers:
 And here's 'Nora' all shiny with topcoat:

Next is "Amber", a warm taupe suede. 2 layers:
 And, with topcoat (I think this is my favorite):

Also included were a few of the Julep Nail Polish Remover Pads, and they work really well.  The pad itself is thick and sturdy similar to a felt material.  I was able to remove all 10 nails with just a single pad!

Interested in signing up to be a Maven?  If so, you can use my referral link here; be sure to enter the code: COLOR2012 to get your first month for just 1 penny.  This is a great way to try them out and see if it is something you would like!

Do you lke suede/matte polishes?

***This post contains a referral link; I receive "credits" towards my monthly Julep box for each friend that I refer***


  1. Great swatches! You really caught the texture. Matte polishes totally aren't my thing though, since I can manipulate finish really easily with topcoats haha. The body frosting looks delicious ;)

  2. I got this one and loved it! I am all about the suede finish!Nora I was shocked by cause it looked totally different on me from what it looks like in the bottle but I still loved it and ohhhhh that body frosting...ummm...AH-mazing! I never want to be without it! I wish I could eat it, it smells so good...don't worry I won't but I am sure you understand! lmao!

  3. I love grapefruit scented body products - add "whipped" to that, and I'm there! LOL!! That may sound weirder than it actually is!!!

    These polishes are amazing and I love how you almost get 2 looks in one, simply by adding top coat! The best part about this finish? It's literally apply & go...no wait time! Only problem is that the suede finish tends to wear out faster than the regular ones and becomes glossier with time, or if you moisturize your hands, Still...they're great shades!

    Your swatches are fabulous...as always!

  4. the polishes are gorgeous but omg!!! i need that body frosting. I am obsessed with pink grapefruit scent & candy... sounds divine!

  5. I think suedes always look best with a topcoat. You can really make out the richness under a dollop of topper, which really shows in your photo!