OPI "Call Me Gwen-ever" Nail Polish (The Amazing Spiderman Collection)

Yep. One more oldie (as in, soooo last Spring) for you!  If you read my post yesterday, you know I have been on a clearance shopping spree. "Call Me Gwen-ever" was one more I had to pick up because it was just $2. And, guess what? It's fantastic.

2 layers:

 And, because I've had this polish sitting, waiting to be tried since oh- FEBRUARY, I decided to layer it on top as an accent nail.  I'm not sure when this line of Cover Girl "Boundless Color" polishes came out, but I found this in a forgotten bin at my drugstore (on sale, of course!).  This one is called "Pink Twinkle" and it's a flaky glitter! Cover Girl and flaky glitter?  Who knew?!

Whatcha think?  I love the flakes, but I love this creme by itself even more. The formula was superb, and covered effortlessly.


  1. Clearance shopping is the best, especially when you end up with a great polish like this one for so cheap! I love how vibrant it is!

  2. $2.00?????? That just kills me, do you know that if I went to buy that here it would cost about $14.00!!!! And what a beautiful orange it is! Looks fab on you, and that CG is awesome!

  3. Here I was thinking that I was the queen of the cheap polish finds, but it looks like you are giving me a run for my money! I initially passed on this whole collection except for the Spotted polish which I was able to snag from a friend in France. Then I started seeing people use My Boyfriend Scales Walls and all of a sudden I wanted it badly. So as usual, I went out and got it and haven't used it. This color is pretty but not original enough for me to want it. However, I probably would have picked it up for $2!! I'm super obsessed with getting older polishes (especially if the bottles are old and of a different design) so I love that CG!

  4. Oooh! I really like Pink Twinkle!

  5. The deals you get...amazing...

  6. While it's not one I would wear, it's beautiful on you!