OPI "The Living Daylights" Nail Polish (Skyfall Collection)

Hi there!  I hope this finds you all doing well. I just got my power back today after Hurricane Sandy walloped the east coast.   We were nervous, being only 6 miles away from the beach here in NJ, but besides the loss of electricity all week and a few down branches/ fence injuries, we are good. My thoughts are with everyone affected by the storm. When we finally saw the photos of everything that happened around us, I was in shock.  Things are still not "normal" around here- banks are closed, supermarkets are running on generators, and you will need to wait at least a few hours in a long line to get gas if you need it.  I decided that since the power is up, and I need to feel a little bit of normalcy, I may as well show you what I did with some of my hurricane time:

As you can imagine, having no power left me with lots of time on my hands, some of which went to trying this polish from OPI's "Skyfall" (James Bond) Collection. "The Living Daylights" was the only one I NEEDED as soon as I saw promo pics.  It's the lone glitter of the collection, which automatically makes it a must have for me.  I may cave and get a few more from this set (my friend's pictures are already doing me in!), but for now, this is it!

But before we get to "The Living Daylights", we need to talk about my base color, "Skull & Glossbones" from the OPI "Pirates Of The Caribbean" collection from last year. I passed this up a million times when it came out, and by the time I realized that it was really a great color, it was gone. I had missed my shot to own it (well, at least at a reasonable price!).  Fate stepped in last week when I was in a beauty supply store that I rarely visit.  They had a sale on all of their clearance polishes going on.  Half off of clearance? Sign me up.  This polish ended up costing me $1. A SINGLE DOLLAR! Are you kidding me?

Here's 3 layers of this beauty. I thought this would be straight up light grey, but it has a sort of nude quality to it as well:

Then I did one layer of "The Living Daylights" on top. This polish has a clear base and then silver, gold, copper and teal hex glitters.  This was a challenge to work with. I don't know if my patience for glitter application is waning (say it ain't so!) or if my brain was just fried from Sandy, but it was a real pain.  All of the glitter wanted to push to the top of my nail, no matter how much I "dabbed" it on (as opposed to swiping the brush up and down).  Because of this, I ended up disrupting the base polish on a few of my nails. 

The glitter combo is really gorgeous, and I will definitely try my luck with 'Daylights' again when I have more patience!

Have you picked up any from the Skyfall collection?  Which ones would you recommend to me?


  1. i love that glitter!! and skull and glossbones is a super fav :)

    So glad to hear your family made it out okay and your power is back on!! Poor jersey :(

  2. So glad to hear your ok. My heart breaks for everyone affected by sandy. I just can't believe some of the pictures :(

    Now to happy part...I love this combo! I bought this glitter along with live and let die since they were the 2 that stood out to me.

  3. I'm so happy you're back with us and your power is up and running!

    I love S&G and did the same thing you did: ignored this polish until I realized I should own it. Alas, I still don't, but I'll live vicariously through you!

  4. Happy to hear that A) you guys are ok and have come through the storm unscathed and B) that you picked up Skull & Glossbones at such a steal! It's funny that the one shade you were gunning for, 'The Living Daylights' is the only one from this collection that didn't float my boat, but I can't deny how unique its glitter combination is! Trust you to know exactly what to layer it over!

  5. I got 2 from this collection, but not this glitter. Looks beautiful over Skull and Glossbones!

  6. I didn't think I would like this glitter much, but the combination of colors and size of the glitters has gotten me wanting it!

  7. I think that because our country is so big, it's really easy for people not in the path of Sandy's devastation to not realize how bad it actually got. It makes me so sad to hear of all the terrible damage, but I'm glad that you and your loved ones are ok.

    Skull & Glossbones is such a beautiful polish yet I still don't have it. This seems like a good dupe for OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts which I do have. It looks very lovely paired with The Living Daylights.

  8. great post! love the combination

  9. I am go glad you and yours came through the storm okay, Maribeth. And I am so jealous you got your hands on The Living Daylights! The collection arrived here in HK, but *nobody* seems to have his one...which, of course, because it's the one I really wanted too. Shame about the formula, but the colours are just so gorgeous.

    I love it paired with Skull & Glossbones too! They both really show each other off without competing for who's prettiest. ;)

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