Twinsie Tuesday: 3D Mani

It's Twinsie Time once again, and what's today's theme? "3D Mani"!  I took this opportunity to finally try a beaded (sometimes referred to as 'caviar' or 'fish egg') manicure.  While not practical (AT ALL), I love the idea of this look.

For this manicure, I used Cult Nails "Enticing", the perfect baby pink in my opinion. It has a wonderful jelly/creme texture, and the most subtle bit of shimmer. I then used tiny silver nail art beads for my accent, "3D" nail. I love the way that these beads look- like jewelry for your nail:

Pink & silver is one of my favorite color combos!  Have you tried this type of look yet?

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  1. oooh, i love everything about this! great combination, and i love that polish

  2. I must say, this color combo is my favorite of all time!

  3. This is so beautiful!!! OMG I love Enticing!! O_O

  4. I love this combo!! It's super pretty!

  5. Lovely!!! What a gorgeous pink, and the silver beads make it look so edgy!

  6. fun! I really love that pink color!

  7. So pretty! Love the delicate pink with silver microbeads! I wish they stayed on longer!

  8. This is really lovely, Maribeth!! And what a gorgeously baby pink too--it looks so, so soft!