Twinsie Tuesday: Oldest Polish

I can't wrap my head around the fact that it's Tuesday again...already!  This week's Twinsie Tuesday theme is "oldest polish".  Since I've already showed you my oldest polishes (the OPI's from the amazing Wild West Collection of 1999 here, here, and here) I decided to show the oldest one that I've actually owned and held onto since I bought it, which is not terribly old. You see, if you've read my blog in the past, you would know that I was not always the polish hoarder that I am today. In the past I would GET RID OF any polish that didn't do it for me (can you even imagine?!).  Now I know better. My polish tastes do change from time to time, and when that happens, I can sometime fall in love with something that I had previously "written off".

Anyway, here is OPI's "OP-I Love This Color".  This came out with their 25th Anniversary collection back in 2006 (Fun fact: Did you know that OPI was originally started in the 80's as a dental supply company called 'Odontorium Products Inc'?).  I bought this color, and have held onto it. That is quite a feat:

"OP-I Love This Color" is a warm burgundy wine shimmer.  I haven't pulled this one out in years, but it is still such a fantastic color!

What is the oldest polish in your collection? Do you hang onto them for awhile?

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  1. I love a good red! And I am the same as you! I probably had given away so many polishes that I would LOVE now!

  2. That really is a great red! Augh, I can't even imagine all polishes I've dismissed over the years. I cringe to think! Man, if the day ever comes that I get tired of blues, greens, and glitters, I'm gonna be so screwed... >_<

  3. This is such a stunning red!!!! Love it!

  4. I'm a fan of this red, it's just gorgeous. You should wear more reds, lady!

  5. Awesome!! :D I didn't know that about O.P.I (very interesting!). I wish I kept my old polishes!! >.<

  6. I can see why you held on to it! It's beautiful!

  7. great red!! love seeing older OPIs always. i had read that about O.P.I before and always wonder why they didn't change it lol

  8. Odontorium.... glad they abbreviated that! :) I was the same like you, I've gotten rid of more than I own now, my oldest has to be a Chanel- probably Blue Satin

  9. I did not know that they were a dental supply company. Interesting! This is a gorgeous red, I agree with Amanda...You should wear reds more often.

  10. A classic color! Looks fab on you! :)