Let It Snow Nail Art Challenge: Snowflakes

Hello!  Today marks the start of a new nail art challenge I'm participating in with a group of fantastic ladies known as The Nail Challenge Collaborative.  This is the "Let It Snow" challenge!

Our first day's theme is "Snowflakes". Here is what I came up with. I thought the little shapes on my ring finger looked like snowflakes before I put them on....once they were on my nail, not so much :/  I did the rest of my nails with little blue beads that reminded me of snow collecting on the ground (Zoya Natty is the base color):

What do you think?!  Not my favorite, but I'm a little rusty in the nail art dept...this challenge will help whip me into shape!

Here are the other themes we will be working on:

Don't forget to check out the other participant's Snowflakes too!


  1. I love the beads! I didn't expect that either because I pick off anything non-uniform hahaha. I'm glad you're part of this =D Mine's going up in the morning!

    1. Thanks Sharra!!!! I'm glad to get back into the challenges...they are so much fun :)

  2. I'm going to have to get more beads since I've been using them a lot lately.I just wish that they stayed on the nail longer than like...5 seconds? Anyway, I love this base color and those beads are gorgeous.

  3. If there were tiny glitters in snowflake shapes... I'd get them immediately. I love snowflakes... <3 The beads on the blue base look a lot like the scenery outside of my window right now. The snow here is melting though... :(

  4. Very cute idea using the beads for the snowy mani :)