Misa Wander Lust Collection (Swatches & Pictures)

I was so very excited to get to try a brand that is new to me this week- Misa!  Today I am showing you their "Wander Lust" collection that came out for Fall this year. This collection is comprised of 6 beautiful colors- one of them broke in transit to me (sad face), but here are the others!

 Epiphany is a cool toned khaki-gold shimmer polish. I don't own a single polish like it! So pretty and unique.  (3 layers of polish shown):

Then, there's Living Without Knowing, a dark taupe brown with a gold flecky shimmer.  Such a gorgeous neutral!  (2 layers of polish shown):

 Next is Taking Chances, which may be my favorite from this collection. Unique burnt orange with gold shimmer sparkle. (2 layers of polish shown):

Then we have Lost To The World, a chocolatey brown with a subtle shimmer that dries super shiny. (2 layers of polish shown here):

And lastly we have Frozen In Time, a deep periwinkle polish with a violet flash- so pretty! (2 layers of polish shown):

Here's a bottle shot of Breakaway, (fitting name?!) the one that didn't make it. A very pretty purple that was slightly darker in real life (compared to how it photographed here):

Bottom line: Misa makes a fabulous product. I cannot believe that I have not tried them before.  Each formula was excellent and the brushes were great, coming together to make application an absolute breeze.  I highly recommend this brand!  Check out their website, http://www.misacosmetics.com/.  I will be featuring them again later on this week, so check back for that review!

***Disclosure: Products in this post were provided for review***


  1. Wow, those are all gorgeous! I haven't tried this brand but these swatches make me want too!

  2. This whole collection was a win for me. Shame about the purple :(

  3. living without knowing is my fav! misa is a great brand..i don't have enough of them!

  4. Epiphany is beautiful! I love light yellow gold tones like these.

  5. What a beautiful collection! I especially love Epiphany (reminds me of another polish but not sure which one...) and Taking Chances!

  6. These are gorgeous!!! O_O Stunning collection and swatches! :D

  7. THese are really pretty!! Frozen in Time is a personal favorite of mine. I think I shed a tear when I saw Breakaway :(. It's a really pretty color.

  8. Gorgeous! Too bad about the broken one though!