Zoya Lovely Collection (Pictures, Swatches, Review)

Happy Christmas Eve to those who celebrate!!  

Today I have Zoya's  Lovely Collection (new for Spring 2013) to show you!  Yes, we are in the middle of the holidays right now, but I am already looking forward to Spring and all the colors that come with it. This collection epitomizes Spring to me- pastels in cremes and shimmers done perfectly by Zoya:
Zoya Lovely Collection Spring 2013

Here are some pictures of them on!

Piaf is a really pretty color and difficult to describe. Is it yellow? Gold? Do I see green in this?  Let's check in with Zoya for the exact description:  "Fresh Forsynthia yellow metallic" is how they describe it, and that sounds about right to me. This shimmer polish covered completely in just 2 layers. Fantastic formula: 
Zoya Piaf
Zoya Piaf

Next is Gei Gei (or is it 'Gie Gie' as my bottle says?  The press release says Gei Gei, so I will go with that for now),  a perfect, cool toned pink shimmer ("blushing cherry blossom metallic" says Zoya). Beautiful coverage, again in just 2 layers:
Zoya Gei Gei

Then there is Julie (is it me, or is this one of the most 'normal' named Zoyas? :)  Julie is a cool lavender metallic shimmer polish ("soft wisteria"- Zoya)
Zoya Julie

Blu is next, and OMG- you need this polish. Not only is it a pastel in the prettiest soft baby blue shade ("hyacinth blue creme"- Zoya), it applies super smooth and even. NO streaking whatsoever, which you know is almost always an issue with these types of shades. Fantastic coverage in just 2 layers of polish on this one as well:
Zoya Blu

Neely is a "Spring green" creme polish.  It's cool and minty and very wearable. With a jelly-creme consistency, this applied very nicely in 2 layers as well:
Zoya Neely

Lastly, we have Jacqueline. This color is described by Zoya as "magnolia nude creme". So completely beautiful and shiny. Maybe it's because it's Christmas Eve as I type this, but this color reminds me of eggnog! (Look for my post tomorrow where I will use it as the base for my Christmas nail art!).  Very great coverage in 2 layers of polish, however I did 3 for this photo below:
Zoya Jacqueline

Super stellar collection from Zoya!  These colors make me look forward to Spring and all that will come with it!

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  1. I can't wait to get my hands on julie! It's my favorite of this collection by far! I love lilac colors!!

  2. These ARE lovely!! I actually love every single one. I can't wait until these come out! :)

    1. Hahahaha...you are so right Jenn, this collection is aptly named ;) You will not regret owning all of them!!

  3. Piaf is stunning! Would you say Gei Gei is similar to OPI Pedal Faster Suzi?

    1. Very similar except I'd say Gei Gei is way more pigmented and full coverage. I remember having to use a lot of layers of Pedal Faster :)

  4. Loving these, especially the cremes! Thanks for the gorgeous swatches! :)

  5. These are so beautiful!!! Fantastic swatches, I can't wait to try this collection!!