Twinsie Tuesday: Anniversary Edition

What's this? Twinsie Thursday? Kinda. Today marks the one year anniversary of the start of our little group. In honor of the occasion, we are re-doing our first Twinsie post. I didn't join til a little later (July), so my first post was "Best Deal Polish" and featured China Glaze "Prism".

For my re-do, I changed things up. Instead of just wearing Prism by itself, I layered it over Essence Colour & Go "Oh My Glitter!" and then I mattified it with Essie Matte About You top coat:

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Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish in Oh My Glitter! and Grey-t To Be Here

Awhile back, Essence redid their cute little polish line with slighter larger, chunkier new bottles and some cute colors. I picked up 2 this week:

First is Oh My Glitter! which is a fantastic purple with pink & purple shimmer. I absolutely love this color. A little on the watery side, I did 3 layers here:

Then there's Grey-t To Be Here, a putty grey with a pink shimmer that is so subtle, yet still so cool. 3 layers:

Aren't they so cute??  At $1.99 each, they are super  affordable too (I picked mine up at Ulta!).  Have you tried any of these yet?


Twinsie Tuesday: Vintage

Our theme for Twinsie Tuesday this week is "Vintage Mani (Copy something from an old beauty photo)". After pouring through pages and pages of internet searches and trying to decide which decade I wanted to hone in on, I came to one conclusion- red nail polish has dominated the nail polish world forever!  When I stumbled across this Revlon ad from 1958 for "Gold Frosted Nail Enamel", I was excited to see something other than red! 


My manicure today is very basic. I went with another gold Revlon, "Gold Coin". My Revlon is slightly paler than the "Gold Frosted" in the 1950's retro ad. Too bad my nails aren't long enough to file into the almond shape that was popular back then!

Did you know that there was such a thing as gold nail polish in the 50's??  I love to think that maybe one of my grandmothers owned a bottle back then, and that maybe my polish addiction was inherited ;)

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China Glaze Sky High-Top Nail Polish (pictures, swatches)

I'm slowly collecting the colors from this 2009 China Glaze "Kicks" collection (See Sneakerhead here, and Fly here). Here's one more, Sky High-Top and it is such a pretty blue. I don't know what's getting into me lately, but I'm really into blues and reds. THIS NEVER HAPPENS!  :D

Creamy bright blue with a light blue shimmer. Seriously- how pretty is this polish?!
2 layers:


Barielle Greenwich Village At Dawn (Pictures and Swatches)

Here's another nude polish that is automatically going on my "favorites" list. Barielle Greenwich Village At Dawn is a pinkish nude with a very subtle green shimmer. The shimmer is super obvious in the bottle, but not as much on the nail. Eeek. I just love this:

I tried like hell to capture that shimmer. You can vaguely see it in the photo above. Seriously---if you are a neutral freak like me, you need this color!  You can purchase Greenwich Village At Dawn from Barielle's website.


Laser Nail Art

Here's some nail art I did that was pretty easy. You only need a few things- a base color, a top color, some nail art striping tape and PATIENCE.

First, I painted my nails with one good layer of China Glaze "Sunkissed" (neon yellow). Before moving on, I had to make sure that this was completely dry. In the past, I've tried waiting like a half hour and royally fudged things up, so I know from experience that fully dry means FULLY DRY.  A hour or two at the very least. I think that if you have an older manicure on and want to spruce it up, this is also a good option.

So the next step is to take some nail art striping tape (a very thin, slightly sticky tape) and randomly lay out designs on your nail with it.  Once the tape is in place to your liking, paint over the entire nail, tape and all, with your top color (I used China Glaze "Fly" here- a bright plum purple).  I painted one whole hand and then went back and started slooooooowly peeling the tape off to reveal the base color underneath. It turned out pretty cool!

Isn't the effect so cool? There are so many different combos that you could do with this type of nail art...the possibilities are truly endless. Which colors would you pair together???

Have a great Thursday!

Miss Sation "Canylandia" Press Release

                                           Sation sweetens the new year with Candylandia

Miss Professional Nail (Miss) has announced the launch of “Candylandia,” their Limited V nail lacquer collection. Theflavored, fantasy-themed line presents 12 candy-coated colors with a mouth-watering range of confectionary names.

Candylandia was inspired by the edible escapism of Hasbro’s Candy Land board game, a classic favorite spanning six decades. Miss loved the bright, playful visuals of the swirly rainbow board, which sparked the creation of its own irresistibly sweet polish palette. This whimsical collection offers winning colors that will stir up memories of childhood imagination and endless game-playing.

Embark on a magical, manicured journey filled with fun characters and luscious lacquers. Sweeten up your new year when Candylandia hits the shelves this January.

Polish players, take your places at the Sation starting line!

  •  AbbacaDazzle: Ta-da! You’ll go bonkers for this yummy sunflower yellow
  •  Cast a Spill on You: A bewitching cornflower blue with a pearl sheen will hypnotize you
  •  Chocolate Chip Resistant: A creamy cookie dough with a sugary glaze
  •  I’m so Ogre it: Reach for this sleek steely gray for those moody mani days
  •  Lollipop! Goes the Princess: Pucker up for this pale, pretty periwinkle
  •  Paint Some Sugar on Me: This sparkly blue-raspberry shade will give you a sugar rush
  •  Peppermint Pedi: Your nails will be in mint condition with this refreshing vermilion
  •  Plenty of Frogs: A toad-ally awesome grassy green with a kiss of shimmer
  •  Queenie in a Bottle: Blink blink blink for this royally rich pink!
  •  Super Nail-tural Powers: A potent indigo-grape will keep your players spellbound
  •  Unicorns are Teal: No one can clip your wings when wearing this mystical turquoise
  •  You’re My Lacquer Charm: Cross your fingers and flash this pop-rock pink for good luck!

All Miss products are free of DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde
Miss is an MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) certified company

 How cute is this theme? I cannot wait to see these in person!


Let It Snow Nail Art Challenge: Fireside Glow

One more post for the nail art challenge today!

For "Fireside Glow", I did a saran wrap manicure (see more about those, including instructions, here) with fiery colors (white, yellow, shimmery orange, and red) as my base. Once those dried, I topped it off with a dark brown creme (Julep Olivia) and then 'smooshed' my plastic wrap on top. Here's how it turned out:

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Let It Snow Nail Art Challenge: Winter Solstice

Hi there! 

So today marks 2 important milestones- #1, I am finally making some progress with the nail art challenge I've been working on, and #2-Today's post marks the very first time I am posting something on this blog that involves stamping nail art! (If you are new to stamping, here is the Konad website instructions to give you an idea of what it exactly is). So I've owned my stamping supplies for a year, and I could just never, ever, ever get it to turn out right. EVER. I've tried so many times and it was just failure after failure. For the challenge's "Winter Solstice" theme, I knew I wanted a moon and some snowflakes and while I was preparing my nail table with the stuff I would need to freehand paint them on, I spied my stamping plates. "Ooooh, I never realized I had a moon stamp. That would make things so much easier!" (-Me, talking to myself) I decided to try AGAIN, and while the results are FAR from perfect, I am making baby steps in the right direction ...

In my fantasy world, this is the most amazing stamp job ever!  Then reality slaps me and I realize how far from true that is ;-)

 I did many things wrong- 
1-I didn't use a thick enough white polish for the stamping, so it's a little too transparent for my liking.
2-My "snowflake" stamp actually looks nothing like snowflakes now that I am looking at it.
3-I put my topcoat on too soon, and smudged the designs a little bit.

I contemplated re-doing this, but was afraid that it would turn out worse!  

Can't win 'em all, right? 

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Twinsie Tuesday: Cervical Health Awareness Month (Teal & White)

Hi friends! Today's Twinsie Tuesday theme is a manicure in honor of Cervical Health Awareness Month. The colors representing this month are teal & white.

First here is some info about the cause:

As the month of January brings cervical cancer into focus, it’s time to increase public understanding of the disease, including its prevalence, approaches to screening and prevention, treatment options, and resources that offer updated cervical cancer information throughout the year.
Each year in the United States, more than 11,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and approximately 4,000 die of the disease. While certain types of the human papillomavirus (HPV) are linked to cervical cancer, vaccines such as Gardasil® and Cervarix™ are designed to prevent infection with high-risk types of HPV and have the potential to greatly reduce the occurrence of cervical cancer.
For more information on cervical cancer, its treatment, and support, please visit Cancer Connect by clicking here.

 For my manicure, I used Julep Kate (pearly white) as my base with LA Glitter Addict Nostalgic (teal glitter) on top; I then did my accent nail with OPI Fly (teal creme-jelly) with Nubar White Polka Dot (satin white glitter).

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New Nicole By OPI Nail Lacquers for 2013 (Pictures & Swatches)

Is there a better way to start the week than checking out some new polishes for 2013? I have 4 new colors from Nicole by OPI to show you today!

First, let's hear about these straight from the horse's mouth:

"Colors for Every Occasion!

Nicole by OPI Launches New Lacquers for 2013

Nicole by OPI announces four new classically chic nail lacquer shades for 2013, including Plum to Your Senses!, Please Red-cycle, Totally in the Dark, and Still Into Pink.  Featuring two vibrant crème shades of bright pink and rich red and two shimmering hues of deep plum and glossy black, these elegant lacquers are suited for every wearer and occasion while delivering distinct color with a flawless finish. 

 “Swipe these four new lacquers on nails for intense color with on-trend hues,” explains Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, Nicole by OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director.  “When it comes to style, any look can be enhanced by adding a splash of color, and these fashionable shades can be easily applied to match your mood.  The playful shimmer of Totally in the Dark and bold pigments of Still Into Pink both make dramatic statements, while sophisticated Plum to Your Senses and classic Please Red-cycle give nails a polished, stylish finish.”

The four new lacquers include:

Plum to Your Senses!

You KNOW this deep, dark plum is the perfect choice.

Please Red-cycle

Do the right thing and wear this apple red over and over.

Totally in the Dark

This shimmery black is completely unexpected.

Still Into Pink
Our love for hot pink will never grow cold."

-Nicole by OPI's press release

First up, here's Plum To Your Senses! This pretty dark purple covered great in 2 layers, however I did 3 for these photos:

I'm really getting into reds lately, and Please Red-cycle is a perfect addition to my collection. This is the perfect neutral red creme- meaning, it's not too cool/blue toned or too warm/orange either. 2 layers:

Totally In The Dark is a black polish with a good amount of shimmer that makes this color so wearable for anyone. 3 layers shown here:

Lastly, we have Still Into Pink. This is a super bright pop of neon pink with a slight shimmer and a slight matte finish. I love the idea of wearing a bright color like this one when I am dressed in neutrals. 2 layers shown:

More info on Nicole by OPI:

Nicole by OPI Nail Lacquers and Nail Treatments contain no DBP, Toluene, or Formaldehyde. Nicole by OPI formulas are long-lasting, fast-drying, and salon-quality.

These will be available in stores beginning January 2013 for $7.99 each at retailers including select Walmart, Target, CVS, Rite Aid, Kmart, Kroger, ULTA, H-E-B, Meijer and Duane Reade locations. In Canada, these shades will be available for $10.99 each at Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart Canada, Jean Coutu, Loblaw, and London Drug.
For more information, visit nicolebyopi.com. Follow Nicole by OPI on Twitter @NicoleByOPI and become a Facebook fan

What do you think of these 4 colors?  Plan on adding any of the to your polish wardrobe?

***Disclosure: Products in this post were provided for review***


Essie Where's My Chauffeur? (Pictures & Swatches)

Eek! I love this polish.  Essie Where's My Chauffeur? came out with their Winter/Holiday 2012 collection. It's the perfect bright-but-not-too-bright turquoise. The formula was rich and creamy and it covered perfectly in 2 layers:

I absolutely love the idea of a "Winter" turquoise, although I can see wearing this color smack dab in the middle of Summer as well. It's totally fabulous.


Revlon Heavenly Nail Polish VS Deborah Lippmann Stairway To Heaven (Comparison, Swatches, Pictures)

Revlon recently released a new glitter polish called "Heavenly",  that gained buzz right away for being a pretty close twin to Deborah Lippmann's "Stairway To Heaven".  I picked up the Revlon as soon as I saw it and new I just had to see with my own eyes how close the two polishes compared. Here are my photos of both!

 Right out of the gate, you can see that these are SUPER similar- glowy, iridescent glitters in a clearish base:

Here they are side by side on the nail.  Again, very similar. The color, size, and shape of the glitters is nearly identical. If I had to really dissect the two, I'd say that the Deborah Lippmann version has a slightly more milky base than the Revlon., and that the Lippmann one also is a tad thicker:

Here are both polishes layered over a dark brown creme (Misa Tailored Taupe):

And for my manicure today, I wore Zoya "Jacqueline" with Revlon "Heavenly" on top:

I have learned that if I wait long enough, Revlon will eventually come out with some pretty cool glitters. (See my other Revlon/Lippmann comparisons here and here). 

What do you think of 'Heavenly'???