Barielle Carnival Fiesta Collection (Pictures, Swatches, Review)

Hey there! Today I have some pictures of Barielle's Holiday collection, Carnival Fiesta. I love that although this came out for the Holiday season, it's not just full of the typical reds, greens, silvers, and golds that usually dominate the Winter. 

First up, is Wanna Samba? This polish is a shimmery, metallic purple/gray/blue duochrome.           (3 layers of polish shown):

Rio's Rockin Bands is a metallic purple with great coverage. Super saturated, this covered perfectly in just 2 layers:

Next up is Jillian's Jammin, a super sparkly turquoise. This one was very sheer. I needed 4 layers to get it up to this opacity, and it was still a smidge see through. I had quite a bit of trouble capturing this one on camera correctly. Here is it with flash:
And here's Jillian's Jammin with no flash. You can see how deep this color can appear:

Next is Holiday Madness, a metallic olive green. I LOVE this!!!!!  Very 'antique' looking. 2 layers shown:

Lastly, we have Lindsay's Dancin, a deep metallic red. Super shimmery and gorgeous. This is a red that I instantly fell in love with. 2 layers:

Holiday Madness and Lindsay's Dancin were my favs from this collection! These polishes can be purchased from http://www.barielle.com/.

What do you think of these colors?


  1. Jillian's Jammin is gorgeous!!! Lindsay's Dancin is a very close second for me ;0). Great swatches!

  2. Wanna Samba? is probably my favourite out of these. It's lovely!

  3. I've never really given this brand much thought or attention, but dang if your swatch of Wanna Samba isn't making me re-think that! All so gorgeous on you - especially the red!

  4. I think Wanna Samba is my favorite! Very pretty!