Laser Nail Art

Here's some nail art I did that was pretty easy. You only need a few things- a base color, a top color, some nail art striping tape and PATIENCE.

First, I painted my nails with one good layer of China Glaze "Sunkissed" (neon yellow). Before moving on, I had to make sure that this was completely dry. In the past, I've tried waiting like a half hour and royally fudged things up, so I know from experience that fully dry means FULLY DRY.  A hour or two at the very least. I think that if you have an older manicure on and want to spruce it up, this is also a good option.

So the next step is to take some nail art striping tape (a very thin, slightly sticky tape) and randomly lay out designs on your nail with it.  Once the tape is in place to your liking, paint over the entire nail, tape and all, with your top color (I used China Glaze "Fly" here- a bright plum purple).  I painted one whole hand and then went back and started slooooooowly peeling the tape off to reveal the base color underneath. It turned out pretty cool!

Isn't the effect so cool? There are so many different combos that you could do with this type of nail art...the possibilities are truly endless. Which colors would you pair together???

Have a great Thursday!


  1. This looks great!!! My laser nail art never comes out this neat. I'm going to get it right though. One day!

  2. This looks awesome! I really need to get some striping tape..,

  3. This is so freaking awesome! The colors work so well together!

  4. Cute! I really need to buy some striping tape