Let It Snow Nail Art Challenge: Winter Solstice

Hi there! 

So today marks 2 important milestones- #1, I am finally making some progress with the nail art challenge I've been working on, and #2-Today's post marks the very first time I am posting something on this blog that involves stamping nail art! (If you are new to stamping, here is the Konad website instructions to give you an idea of what it exactly is). So I've owned my stamping supplies for a year, and I could just never, ever, ever get it to turn out right. EVER. I've tried so many times and it was just failure after failure. For the challenge's "Winter Solstice" theme, I knew I wanted a moon and some snowflakes and while I was preparing my nail table with the stuff I would need to freehand paint them on, I spied my stamping plates. "Ooooh, I never realized I had a moon stamp. That would make things so much easier!" (-Me, talking to myself) I decided to try AGAIN, and while the results are FAR from perfect, I am making baby steps in the right direction ...

In my fantasy world, this is the most amazing stamp job ever!  Then reality slaps me and I realize how far from true that is ;-)

 I did many things wrong- 
1-I didn't use a thick enough white polish for the stamping, so it's a little too transparent for my liking.
2-My "snowflake" stamp actually looks nothing like snowflakes now that I am looking at it.
3-I put my topcoat on too soon, and smudged the designs a little bit.

I contemplated re-doing this, but was afraid that it would turn out worse!  

Can't win 'em all, right? 

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  1. I love it! I feel the exact same way about stamping, but yours looks good, relax =D Winter Solstice was a hard one.

  2. Good job but they do kinda look more like paint splatters than snowflakes lol! I love that black you used!

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