Sand Art With OPI Liquid Sand Nail Polish (Mariah Carey Collection)

Did you ever go to a county fair or a birthday party, or some other sort of festive place and have the chance to make your own bottled sand art?  You layer the different colors in the bottle and-BAM! Art in a bottle! It occurred to me that I wanted to try doing some Sand Art Nail Art with OPI's new Liquid Sand nail polishes from the recently released Mariah Carey collection. (Read more about the entire Mariah Carey collection here)

My inspiration:
Sand Art (Source)
L-R= Get Your Number, The Impossible, & Can't Let Go

I used the 3 colorful Liquid Sand polishes (I didn't add the black, Stay The Night) and a small nail art brush for my layers:

Now if I just had a few more Liquid Sand colors (I would probably add the black on in next time) and I think it would be perfect.

Have you tried OPI Liquid Sand yet?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I love that you made a sand art out of sand art :)

  2. This is so awesome!!!!! You just brought back so many child hood memories!!!!!!!!!

  3. So fun! I finally picked up one and actually liking it. Its definitely different but a fun different!

  4. I use to love sand art when I was younger! very cool!!

  5. I have both OPI Liquid Sands collection & Zoya's Pixie Dust. I am LOVING these textures! I didn't think I would, but something about the texture plus the matte finish makes these polishes sparkle like crazy! I like the Pixie Dust just a little bit more than the Liquid Sands. I'm not totally crazy about the bigger glitter pieces with this texture. Plus Pixie Dust's glitter finish seems to be a bit more intense (maybe it's because they use the finer glitter). But I am definitely loving both!

    FYI - To those who like the matte finish, but don't like the texture, try adding a mattifying topcoat. It will smooth the polish out completely. I used NYC's 'Matte Me Crazy' on top of 'Get Your Number', and the look was really cool - the glitter looked suspended in the clear topcoat (like when you mix a sparkle polish with a jelly polish). Which also means you now have a 3rd option on how to wear your Liquid Sands! (or Pixie Dust)

    *NYC's Matte Me Crazy is VERY cheap (under $2! Hell yeah!) but also VERY effective! It goes on smooth, and made my nails super-matte!