Twinsie Tuesday: Vintage

Our theme for Twinsie Tuesday this week is "Vintage Mani (Copy something from an old beauty photo)". After pouring through pages and pages of internet searches and trying to decide which decade I wanted to hone in on, I came to one conclusion- red nail polish has dominated the nail polish world forever!  When I stumbled across this Revlon ad from 1958 for "Gold Frosted Nail Enamel", I was excited to see something other than red! 


My manicure today is very basic. I went with another gold Revlon, "Gold Coin". My Revlon is slightly paler than the "Gold Frosted" in the 1950's retro ad. Too bad my nails aren't long enough to file into the almond shape that was popular back then!

Did you know that there was such a thing as gold nail polish in the 50's??  I love to think that maybe one of my grandmothers owned a bottle back then, and that maybe my polish addiction was inherited ;)

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  1. I love that you found something not red from the fifties!!

  2. What an awesome find, Maribeth! So totally retro-glam, and I love the paler Gold Coin too!

  3. The gold you used is gorgeous! I love it!

  4. Wow, this is awesome! I really didn't know gold was an "in" color in the 50's!

  5. This is really pretty on you!! I had no idea that gold was worn back in the day.

  6. So cool!!! Beautiful! :D I didn't know they had gold polish then!!

  7. This is awesome!!!! I didn't see this one in my searches!

  8. Love this! Looks just like the ad mani!

  9. that's awesome that in the 50's they were wearing something other than red

  10. Great choice!!! Love this gold on you