February Julep Maven Bombshell Box (Ginger and Laura Nail Polish)

Hey there! Here's is this month's Julep Maven Bombshell box! There was some great stuff inside this box and I am so glad that I didn't skip it.

Ooops! Not pictured: 2 chocolate foil hearts <3 I hate those in 2 seconds flat.

The polishes:  Ginger (beige holographic) and Laura (olive creme)

Freedom Polymer Topcoat: This topcoat gives the effect of a gel polish without having to use an actual gel polish system. Simply paint over your regular polish and allow to dry (you can also cure it under a 60 watt lightbulb for "longer lasting results").

Oxygen Nail Treatment: "Makeup for your nails". This one is a nail treatment and it's suggested to be used on it's own (no polish on top) so I haven't tried it out yet....stayed tuned though:

The bonus item was this little eye lash curler, which is the perfect size for traveling:

Here are both polishes on. Laura (olive green creme) has a great formula that starts out watery but builds nicely (3 layers shown here). Ginger, the beige holographic polish, is a fantastic neutral!  In the sun, it has a nice glimmery holographic shimmer that is hypnotizing:

I loved the Freedom Polymer Topcoat. It has a really dense, squishy gel finish and although I can't comment on long term wear yet (I'm only on day 2), things are looking really good thus far. I will be reporting back with more details of the Oxygen Base Coat treatment soon too!

If you're interested in signing up to become a Julep Maven, use my referral link here! (Don't forget, you can still enter the promo code: COLOR 2012 to get your first box for a penny!).

What do you think of this month's box?

***Disclosure: this post contains a referral link. I get Julep "Jules" (points) for referring friends to the program***


  1. What pretty polishes! They look great together!

  2. I had no luck with the freedom topcoat. Chipped after 20 minutes :-( Did you use a particular base coat? Love your blog btw you got me hooked on Julep!!

    1. That is a bummer! I went 2 days with no chips and I took it off only to change my polish. I actually forgot to use a base coat when I did this manicure so I wonder if that makes a difference? Thanks for the kind words! I appreciate it so much <3 :)

  3. I love that holo! I didn't know Julep made holos?!!?