Orly Royal Navy Nail Polish (Re-do)

Beauty blogging (about nail polish specifically) can sometimes hinder one's ability to actually wear a color more than once. I'm always in search of new things to photograph and write about, and in the process, some old gems get pushed to the wayside. Recently though, I've become quite a fan of blue polish, something that my formerly nude-polish-only lovin' self can hardly believe!  I dug out Orly Royal Navy, a polish I first featured on my blog back in May of 2011. Royal Navy is a deep blue creme/jelly polish with 'hidden' light blue shimmer inside. A good shaking is necessary to spread the shimmer love around, because left unmoved for some time, all of that glittery goodness will settle on the bottle of the bottle.

Here's me wearing 3 layers today:

And for fun, would you like to see my original photo of this? You can see that my nails were SUPER nubby back then:

Kinda funny, huh? 

 Royal Navy, I 'm so sorry that I haven't pulled you out in almost 2 years. Please forgive me!

Do you ever feel guilty for ignoring your polish?  


  1. Blue's like this are really hard NOT to fall in love with. It's just so gorgeous!

  2. Oh my gosh what's hard to believe is those ad the same set of nails ! Lol! I have this and I just love blues for some reason, I love this one on my toes :)

    1. RIGHT!? That's what I said! I feel like I've come a long way! ahahaha Hopefully I continue to improve all the time :) This color is definitely a keeper!

  3. I love this polish, its one of my favorites!

  4. Pretty! And yes, I don't change my polish often enough (I'm a very slow polisher... makes me want to get all the wear I can out of the effort, and I always want to show it off, and don't have many opportunities to do so) to keep up with all the polishes I fall in love with and want to buy.

    BTW... have you seen Orly's new logo design on their bottles? The logo was rather nice, and the new one is so ugly... the font looks like something you'd seen on a cheap generic brand of something in a grocery store... no life or interest to it at all.

  5. Holy handbags! This is STUNNING!