Twinsie Tuesday: Ruffian Manicure

Hey girl hey!  It's Twinsie Time, and this week's theme was one I was dreading: Ruffian manicure. If you are unfamiliar with this look, it uses 2 polishes- one in a "moon" shape near your cuticle area, and another for the rest of the nail.

I've seen some tutorials for this that use tape to get the shape perfect, but I have little patience for the drying time in between polishes that would take. No, I decided to go freehand, and I have to say it was easier than expected.

For my ruffian manicure, I used Nicole by OPI Please Red-cycle and Totally In The Dark. First, I did one good layer of red on the entire nail. I waited approximately 2 minutes before moving on to the black polish. Painting my nail the exact same way I do any other time, only starting a little further up so that the red would peek through the bottom:

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  1. I love the way that red pops from the back! great combo!

  2. I love this. Red and black are just awesome together, always, and your freehand looks so nice!

  3. i like that opi red very much indeed!

  4. Love the black and red - what a sharp combo! Well done!

  5. These came out great, Maribeth! That is some seriously dramatic red!

  6. Wow! This color combo is AWESOME! And your ruffian looks great!

  7. I absolutely love this!! These two polishes make a perfect combo!

  8. This looks fantastic! Love love love!

  9. This would be an awesome Halloween mani! I love the pop of red.

  10. Wow this is great! Perfect for work too ;-)

  11. This is perfection! I love love love this!!

  12. You did such a great job freehand!! Looks awesome

  13. This looks flawless! I am loving how the red really pops out.