Nail Candy "Live Colorfully" Pens Review Plus Some Easter Nail Art!

I have a really cool nail art product to share with you today- Nail Candy, the "nail polish in a pen".  These really unique nail art pens make adding some flare to your nails really easy. It seems like a simple concept- nail polish in a pen. There's tons of those right? Not really. I can honestly say that in all these years of being a nail tech, I've never had the personal experience of using anything quite so handy.

Let me show you what I am talking about...

So these pens come with 2 colors in each; they twist into each other like so:

Then, you can untwist at the center to separate them:
 You then have the choice of either using them as a traditional polish: (simply twist the cap off)

OR, you can pull the cap off to reveal a needle-fine nail art applicator tip:

The people at Nail Candy seemed to have thought of everything....they even include a tiny tool to unclog your applicator if necessary:

To use the nail art applicator, you gently (gently!!) squeeze the barrel of the nail polish and the color will start to flow out. What makes these especially great is the dexterity that they allow. Before I started my full design, I was messing around on my naked nails and was able to write directly on them - in a matter of seconds. I know from experience, if I were to do this with a regular nail art brush, it would have taken more time and not have been as fluid:

So for my Easter design, I used an eggshell base (Zoya Jacqueline) and then used my Nail Candy pens (these colors are their "Live Colorfully" collection) to do Easter egg-ish designs:

Once you get the hang of how these handle, they are truly a breeze to use.  Nail Candy pens can be purchased from their website for $10 per dual-ended pen.  You can also "like" their Facebook page here!

Will you be giving these a try??

***Disclosure: Products in this post were provided for review***


  1. This is so super cute!!! :D <3

  2. So so cute, Maribeth, and the colours are just perfect for it!

  3. I've been wanting to try these out - they're so awesome!

  4. I had a similar product before -and i've been dying to find it again - these babies are a must-have!

  5. Hello !
    I just went and bought these at our local store ! gave a quick try but i will do the easter design in a few days, from what i tried tho it seems really easy to work with !!!!! they just need to make more colors ! you will almost be able to put an end to dotting tools and little brushes !