Nicole by OPI Nail Art (Modern Family Collection)

While trolling around Facebook the other day, I happened upon this lovely photo on Nicole By OPI's page using colors from the recently released Modern Family collection. I HAD to use the same color combo on my nails at once!

Using Alex By The Books, A Phil's Paradise, and My Jay Or The Highway, I cheated my way through a tape manicure. How did I cheat? Well typically when using tape for this type of mani, you'd paint your entire nail with a base color, wait for it to dry completely, and then tape off (with nail art tape) part of it and paint on your second color. Not having the patience required for that today, I instead taped off sections/designs on bare nails and filled in each quadrant (or half, depending on the design) with the different colored polishes. I then peeled off my tape to reveal bare lines that I then took a nail art brush to with a third color. Topped it all off with top coat and voila:

Left to Right

 Woohoo! I love this combination!!  I love finding new ways to wear colors that I've already tried. 

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  1. Lovely colors and design! :)

  2. love the design!!

  3. Really cool nail art! I love the soft colors you used.

  4. These are gorgeous designs! Bravo; I am scared of nail art as I have no coordination and am amazed by your nails and your skill.

  5. These look amazing together! Love your interpretation of the design too--the accent nail really adds a lot! And hey, it's not cheating, it's just an inventive alternative. ^_^