Sation Spotlight: Rock-a-guy Blue & Pyramid Princess Nail Polish (Pictures)

Continuing on this week with my spotlight on one of my favorite brands, Sation (by Miss Professional Nail), today I have a cute combo to show you!

I started off with 2 layers of Rock-a-guy blue, a deep blue creme:

Next, I added a layer of the glitterfest that is Pyramid Princess on top!  This beautiful glitter has a clear base with lots of gold & pastel colored glitters and a few black ones thrown in as well. There's every glitter shape you can think of in here- small round ones, hexes, and bars:

Be sure to go to the Miss Professional Nail website to check out all of their amazing glitters!


  1. This is a gorgeous combination! That blue is amazing!

  2. Beautiful! I've never seen this glitter but it looks so amazing, especially over this dark color.