Twinsie Tuesday: Copy Cat Mani Take 2

Happy Tuesday!!!!  Today's Twinsie theme is "Copy Cat Mani Take 2". What does that mean? Well, we did this once before, and it was tons of fun- basically, we are secretly assigned to one another, and we must choose a manicure that that person has done in the past and recreate it. I was paired up with the lovely Marisa of Polish Obsession, and I was psyched- she has tons of great manicures to pick from!  BUT- just this past Saturday, Marisa posted this manicure and as soon as I saw it, I dropped all other contenders...I NEEDED IT ON MY NAILS! Leopard?! Metallic? Purple? YES!

I didn't have the exact colors that she used, so I tried to get as close as possible.  The purple is Zoya Lotus; the gold is Zoya Ziv; and then I used black around the leopard spots:

Marisa, thank you so much for inspiring me with your nails!!  I absolutely love everything about this! Oh, and PS- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARISA!  I hope your day is completely fabulous!

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  1. Love it! So pretty, love those colors together.

  2. Lol! I've actually been dreaming of this mani myself since she posted it!

  3. Aah! So much YES! Totally loved Marisa's, and yours looks amazing! Ziv and Lotus are sooo beautiful together. ♥

  4. Oh yes! I loved this mani too! It's totally what I would have copied if I'd had Marisa. :) And you did a fabulous job with your recreate!

  5. I LOVE THIS! The gold and purple combo is amazing!

  6. So gorgeous Maribeth!!! This was definitely one of my favorite manis!!! Love it with the gold. And thanks for the birthday wishes. Muah!!!!

  7. So awesome! I love leopard print so much!

  8. Wow this is phenomenal! Love it <3

  9. This is such a unique and STUNNING take on the leopard mani accent nail -- must try this as well! Thanks, Maribeth!

  10. I looooooove this so much! I'm drooling over here. ;)