Julep Maven May Preview!!! (Pictures, Swatches, Review)

                                                                             Disclosure: Products in this post were provided for review.

Howdy! Today I have a preview of the upcoming colors for Julep's May Maven Boxes!  This month's theme is inspired by the 1920's and the upcoming movie, "The Great Gatsby". How cool, right??

I'll break these down by box themes...

Bombshell Maven Box: (also comes with a trio of lip colors)

Zelda (pink champange metallic) is one of the best behaved metallic polishes I've ever worked with. This color is reminiscent of rose gold with a hint of silver too. Loved the formula- it gave great coverage in 1 layer and dried quick as well!

Gabrielle (Smoky Mulberry creme) is a gorgeous polish. A decadent and sultry ink shade.

It Girl Maven Box:

(This one also comes with a third polish, a glitter named Paris, that I don't have right now)

 Clara (Opaque Peach Creme) is the sweetest peachy shade. This one was so opaque too, with almost zero streaks!  A beautiful neutral that will bring you right from Spring into Summer.

 Coco (Oxblood creme) is a color that brings to mind power and sophistication.  100% luxurious.

Boho Glam Maven Box:

 Alice (Antique Lilac Shimmer) is soft, feminine, and sweet. It looks like a sugared lilac in bloom. I love the subtle shimmer in this one

  Millie (Vintage Indigo Creme). I just adore everything about this polish, from the deep, mysterious, creamy hue to the vintage name!  What's especially amazing is that I only needed one layer of polish for this photo!

Here's one of 3 lip colors that come in the Boho Glam box as well, Satin Doll (sheer poppy):
                                                                         Love the packaging!

This color is really pretty and subtle with the texture of a silky lip balm (shown on my hand here):

Classic With A Twist Maven Box: (also comes with a trio of lip colors)

Zora (a frosted pink pearl)- I don't have this one yet

Myrtle (Flapper red creme) is the quintessential 1920's nail color! A red polish that screams glamour! This polish is so shiny and sleek- loved the effortless application as well.

And then there is an "add on" option for the month:

 Etta (Art Deco Lime Metallic) is a fresh, minty metallic with a subtle iridescence that twinkles and catches the light making it very hypnotizing!

While maybe not very "Spring-like", I think Julep did a great job at capturing the vibe of the 1920's with this color scheme. These polishes are all classic colors that can be used all year round!

As always, if you are interested in becoming a Julep Maven, you can use my referral link here to sign up; use the promo code PENNY at the checkout to try your first month for just one cent!

Have a great weekend <3


  1. Gabrielle and Alice are really pretty

  2. Oh my gosh that Zelda is goooorgeous!!

  3. I'm thinking of getting Boho Glam but Zelda reminds me of Sienna, so I'm not sure if I should get it. Hmmmm......

    1. I have Sienna two! I think they are different enough that you need both. Zelda is much pinker ;)

    2. Thanks! I think I might get it then :)

  4. Clara and Alice are my definitive faves!

  5. I can't wait to see the whole collection in front of me. I think this was such a fun idea of them to do the roaring twenties and looks like they captured it well. Plus lipstick....wow can't I wait for that!! I hope julep does more themed like this in the future!

  6. Especially loving Alice--that shimmer is amazing!