Twinsie Tuesday: Sweet Sixteen

It's Tuesday again! Today's Twinsie Tuesday theme is "Sweet Sixteen". What does that exactly mean? We were assigned the task of coming up with a manicure that our "16 yr old self" would love and wear (with the side disclaimer that it does NOT have to be something that you still like).  For me, that's definitely the French manicure!

Even though I was quite Claire Danes in "My So-Called Life" at age 16 (think dyed red hair, lots of flannel shirts over sun dresses, accompanied by my favorite pair of Mary Jane style Dr. Martens), I was still obsessed with how pretty the French mani looked.  I don't wear this look often these days, but it was fun to do one for this task!  I find the best way to do a French tip is to freehand it. In the past, I've done those sticky guides, but they make more of a mess than anything. Start with a clean, naked nail; paint the white (I used Wet N Wild French White) on as best as you can (hold the brush still and roll your finger instead). Go back and clean up with a brush dipped in acetone and then top with clear topcoat:

Then to try and jazz things up, I added some dots using the China Glaze Hologlam polishes I showed yesterday:

What did you love on your nails when you were 16?  Check out what the other Twinsies wore:

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  1. I always love a nice french tip. I love that you jazzed it up with some holo dots!

  2. I love a good french mani - but always forget about it! Now I'm trying to picture you as you described - haha :)

  3. So pretty!! I only wore french manicures for "fancy" occasions, lol. Love the dots you added.

  4. This is such a pretty and delicate mani! Love it!

  5. Oh my, we were twinners back then! Red hair and all! Ha ha! So awesome.

  6. I totally forgot how much I loved french mani's at that age too! Very pretty

  7. Perfect french! Always a classic!

  8. It didn't even occur to me that someone would do a French. How did I miss that?

  9. Ahhh, the classic french mani. This was quite the thing at that time :)