Rock Your Hair by Michael O'Rourke Product Review

                                                                                           Products in this post were provided for review.

Today's post is about something new for me- hair products! I had the opportunity to review 6 products from the "Rock Your Hair" by Michael O'Rourke line. These all are aimed to give you full, voluminous locks.

A little bit about the brand from their website:

"Based in Malibu, California, Rock Your Hair is the latest big thing in the world of professional hair care. Designed by the founder of Big Sexy Hair, LA celebrity stylist Michael O’Rourke, Rock Your Hair delivers big volume and endless styling capabilities combining ingredient technologies that protect and repair hair from damage brought on by flat irons and chemical processes. All products are sulfate and paraben free and safe for all hair types."

First off, I have to talk about this packaging. The box shown above is what they were housed in- pink leopard?! Sign me up. Each of the products have these little, blinged-out crystal heart designs on them too. Totally fun!

Here's a breakdown of my experience with each:

Rock Your Hair Shampoo- this shampoo lathered nicely (I sometimes find this not true of sulfate free shampoos). Lather is very important to me...it makes me feel like I am actually getting things clean. The shampoo has a nice, fresh scent. Nothing too overpowering.

Rock Your Hair Conditioner- this "weightless conditioner" truly did feel weightless in my hair, a good thing, since my hair is naturally fine. I don't need anything weighing it down, making it even limper! Again, this had a nice soft, fresh scent.

Rock Your Hair Miracle Leave In Conditioner- this leave in conditioner is great. I had not been using one, but I really think that my hair needed this in the worst way. I color my hair (nothing too intense, just covering grays) and this product helps to retain moisture that is stripped away by those chemicals. You spray it in damp, towel dried hair from root to ends and comb through. As a bonus, if you are tangle-prone, this helps with that too!

Rock Your Hair Size Matters Big Volume Root Lift- Um, this is so cool. A spray in, mousse-type product that you spray at your roots for lift (prior to blow drying your hair). An amazing bonus? It's humidity resistant, so that your volume won't deflate as soon as you step outside on a warm day.

Rock Your Hair Spray It Hard Big Volume Hairspray- I have a hard time finding a hairspray that I love. Either I choose one that is too light and my hair doesn't hold AT ALL, or I pick one that is so intense, it gives me helmet head (complete with a nice white residue- yuck). Spray It Hard is that perfect medium. It holds the hell out of my hair in any style, whether it be a pulled back voluminous ponytail, or if I just need to calm fly aways when I am wearing it down. The scent on this is similar to the rest of the products in this line- fresh, light, and clean.

And last but not least, -- Rock Your Hair Bombshell Big Hair Powder- Billed as "backcomb in a bottle", this powder is a really cool product. You sprinkle it directly on the roots of your hair in the areas you want more volume, and it instantly lifts. If you have thin hair like I do, you know that feeling of your hair being "too clean", don't you? That type of hair that is too clean to hold any style? This helps give your hair that "2nd day" feeling, but with fresh hair  (did that make any sense? hahaha)

Ok, now some pictures of my hair. I realized after doing this that I am no expert on taking pictures of my own hair, but here is my before and after anyway.  On the left (or, green shirt if you are viewing this on mobile) is how my hair normally is after I wash and blow dry it. As I said before, it is super fine and super straight.  On the right (pink shirt) is me after I used the products from the Rock Your Hair line. You can see that my roots have a bit more lift, and that my hair is generally more "full" looking. I found that it was much easier to style my hair after using the Rock Your Hair line as well- things just 'held' better.

Selfie in the bathroom mirror? OK :P (Yes, I am a total dork...I don't get out much!)

Final thoughts: I was really impressed with this line. I admit, when I've seen this product in salons and beauty supplies before, what drew me in initially was the packaging- I am a true sucker for anything pink and blingy!  It was great to experience this line and learn that they also have an amazing product inside those cute bottles!  I am certainly impressed!

Rock Your Hair products can be purchased on their website here: http://www.rockyourhair.com/

Have you ever tried anything from this line before? What did you think?

Disclosure: Products in this post were provided for review.


  1. Thanks for the review... I think I saw one of these bottles at Walmart today, so I hope they have the root lift!

  2. You're so gorgeous! I have the leave in stuff from this line and I like it!

  3. How gorgeous are you?! I take the crappiest selfies on the planet ...!

    These products sound so interesting - love the colour of the packaging too!

  4. You look GORGEOUS and your hair is amazing!!

  5. Rock Your Hair..... very nice name and review of products. I feel like to try them today. I would like to try shampoo and conditioner first.

    Hair Stylist Brisbane

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  7. I was not expecting much of an improvement but I have been pleasantly surprised it, my hair grows much faster than before, need haircuts more often! The hair looks great, not dry not oily. The thinning at the parting line has definitely stopped and reversed somewhat, this could be a great choice but when my hair is dry it’s not noticeable, and when my hair is wet it is only half as visible as before.

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