Twinsie Tuesday: Oldest Untried

It's Tuesday! Today's Twinsie theme is "Oldest Untried" and for me, that's OPI Lazy Daisy Pink. This is an older "black label" OPI that came out quite awhile ago. I've had it sitting in my untried box and I was so happy to finally have a good reason to wear her today:

While rummaging through that untried box of polish, I also came across Seche Collage Overlay, a glitter mix of bars, holo hexes, and large white hexes. Naturally, I had to put this on top, killing 2 untireds at oncce!

Don't forget to check in with the other Twinsies....I wonder which polish has been hanging out in their untried pile the longest??

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  1. Oh man a black label!! This is an oldie! I really like it!

  2. This color could be a great cleanser when you need a break from brights and glitters.

  3. Love this color. Definitely a back to the basics polish

  4. Hey, two at once, nice job! Amanda wa right about your OPI!! Beautiful pink, I am so all over pinks right now!

  5. This is such a beautiful pink! And the glitter adds a
    beautiful sparkle!

  6. What a sweet pink! And wow, I had no idea the Seche was so holographic--they look fab together!

  7. I have only one OPI Black Label! This one is pretty too :)

  8. Nice! The two look great together!

  9. This is a really pretty pink!! Love the addition of the glitter!

  10. a very nice pink! love the glitter overlay

  11. This looks awesome! lol love that you used two untrieds! woohoo! :D

  12. I love seeing your older OPIs! This is a lovely pink! :)