Zoya Irresistible Collection For Summer 2013! (Pictures, Swatches, Review)

                                                                                           Products in this post were provided for review.

Today I have the second half of Zoya's Summer collection to share with you! (See their Stunning collection here).

The Irresistible collection is comprised of 6 shimmery polishes with a  "foil metallic" finish.  Usually these aren't my favorites (the finish just never looks "right" on me- I much prefer the cremes we saw in the Stunning collection), but I fell in lust with a few of these.

First, here's Kerry, a bright, sunshine yellow foil. Really pretty and happy, this reminds me of a summer version of Ziv. This is a bit sheer, but builds easily. 3 layers shown here:

Next we have Amy. This one is SO juicy! I would describe this as a blood orange metallic. Super summery. 3 layers shown:

Then there's Tinsley, a rose metallic with gold flecks. This one was on the thicker side, and was more difficult to put on for me. 3 (thick) layers shown here:

Next is Bobbi, and she is one that I fell instantly for. A super saturated, rich shade of berry metallic. HOT! 2 layers for this one, and the formula was perfect:

Then we have Rikki, a medium minty green foil with a great formula. Green is not my favorite polish color, but this shiny one is a beauty! 2 layers shown here:

 I saved my favorite for last- Hazel. Damn. I didn't expect to love this one so much. Zoya says this is a "blue green foil", but at first glance I thought it was blue with gold flecks. Either way, it's mirror-like finish has me hypnotized. 2 layers:

 Which one is your favorite??  You can purchase the Irresistible collection from Zoya's Website!

Disclosure: Products in this post were provided for review.


  1. I have to say, I had high hopes for these and I was kind of disappointed, especially about Tinsley :/

    1. Yeah, besides the dark pink and the blue, the others were Earth-shattering. I really wanted to LOVE Tinsley too :/

  2. I'm not sure if I like the finish of these - but the blue one is pretty!

  3. It seems like all the brands are on the same page as far as summer collections go and sparkle, sparkle, sparkle is the recurring theme! These are so pretty and while I think I own maybe 2 Zoyas, I'll definitely give these a look when I come across them! Gorgeous swatches as always!