Duri "Once Upon A Dream" Special Summer Collection (Nail Polish Pictures, Swatches, Review)

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Hi friends! I'm back today with Duri's Special Summer collection, "Once Upon A Dream".  This set of 6 polishes is made up of some of the most vibrant, crisp pastels that I've ever tried. Word to your mother, you need all of them. ALL. OF. THEM.

Check them out:

First, let's talk about Pillow Pink. This is the most amazing shade of pastel pink with the slightest bit of peachy-ness thrown in. This reminded me a bit of Essie Fiji (< while you're there, marvel at how craptastic my photos were 2 years ago) only I had the EASIEST time ever applying Pillow Pink. I did 3 layers here, but they flowed so nicely and dried quick as well. Immediately going into my "Top 10" favorite neutrals. It has that bright quality to it that makes my pale skin look almost tanned:

Lilac Dream. Mmmmhmmmm, another winner! Crisp, yet soft pale lilac with a sweet formula to match- only 2 layers needed for this one:

Soft Slumber Blush is a bright, creamy, cherry blossom pink! So completely lovely and again- only 2 layers of polish needed:

Cloud True Blue is a vibrant sky blue. 100% gorgeousness. 2 layers here:

Sleeping Beauty Indigo is a purple tinged periwinkle cream. Spectacular color and formula- 2 layers shown:

Then we have Pie In The Sky Green. AreYouKiddingME?OMG?! Bright, vibrant, pastel-bordering-neon light green. Beauteous <3 2 layers:

If I heard, "hey, I've got some pastels to show you", I typically just give a big ole' yawn. These 6 Duri polishes defy expectations for pastels.  The are surprisingly summery and the fact that they apply like a dream (pun intended) is just icing on the cake. You can purchase these from Duri's website here.

Which ones do you like???!

Disclosure: Products in this post were provided for review.


  1. Omigosh they are really beautiful! I never tried duri but I really wanted their rejuvacote )

  2. Why is it that I always swoon over these types of colors. How amazing are these!

  3. Gorgeous, all of them!! I do love Soft Slumber Blush the most I think!

  4. Ahh! I can't pick just one. I need them all! Beautiful swatches, Maribeth!!

  5. I agree. I think I do need all of them! Especially Soft Slumber Blush!

  6. Gah, these are so fabulous! :D