Rainbow Honey Summer of 199X Collection (Nail Polish Pictures, Swatches, Review)

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Hi there! How's it going? Today I have 3 nail polishes from Rainbow Honey's new Summer of 199X collection. Here's a little info about the collection from Dee, the creator:

"Rainbow Honey is pleased to present its newest collection, Summer of 199X - featuring 10 new colors inspired by the 1995 SNES hit, Earthbound.

"Another video game that holds a special place in my heart! I wanted this collection to bring me back into the game, and I think each new lacquer takes me to a special moment or reminds me of a certain boss that resulted in one too many Game Over's... Part I is made up of 5 new glitterbombs bursting with shimmer and color - they all layer to opacity but can be used over other colors as well. Part II is 3 new shimmer-dusted cremes and 2 new glitter toppers that give each creme a bold or sweet look. I am so excited to add these all to our lineup!" – Dee

 First, here's my fav from the 3 I got- Tiny Ruby. This glitter packed red has a zillion different sizes and shapes of glitter. Very unique and pretty. This was on the thick side, so patience is a must when applying it. The result is well worth it! 2 layers shown here:
Here is a close up with no flash- you can see the warm tones of glitter best here:

Next is The Kraken, a sea blue-green polish JAM PACKED with glitter. So jam packed that I think I need to thin it out a bit- it was a 'monster' (pun intended) to work with. It may just be my bottle, so I'd be interested to see how other's found the glitter-base ratio. Stunning concept for a polish, nonetheless, and I simply love the name. 2 layers shown here with one layer of top coat:

Last is Pink Cloud, a strawberry hot pink jelly base with holographic glitters. This one is also a tad on the thick side, but not as much so as The Kraken. 2 layers shown here with 1 layer of top coat:

And here are the rest of the bottle shots for reference, along with more info from Rainbow Honey:
Available starting June 21st on Rainbow Honey's website!

Disclosure: Products in this post were provided for review.


  1. How gorgeous are these?! I can't decide which one I like the most!

  2. Pink Cloud is definitely my fave of the trio :)

  3. Pink Cloud is so pretty! I just picked up the minis for Part II of this collection, I can't wait till they arrive! I might have to go back for Part I now. ^_^