a England "She Walks In Beauty" Nail Polish (Pictures, Swatches, Review)

Moving right along through my birthday polishes, here's a England's She Walks In Beauty!  I received this gorgeous polish from my friend and fellow blogger Chelsea! She Walks In Beauty has a fine, sheer gold based glitter with rose colored hexagon glitters mixed in.

For these photos, I first did 2 layers of Zoya Ziv (a gold polish) and then topped it with one layer of She Walks In Beauty:

How pretty is this?!  Thank you Chelsea for my very first a England!! I love it!

a England polishes can be purchased from http://shop.llarowe.com/


  1. Okay seriously?! I am over here stewing in jealousy, this is one of my most lemmed polishes right now! How gorgeous is this, ahh!

  2. Looks like something a fairy queen would wear! So pretty!

  3. This is gorgeous! I love all the pink glitters in it!

  4. Yay! :) It looks absolutely gorgeous on you! And I love Amanda relating it to something a fairy queen would wear--spot on!