China Glaze Neon & On and Highlight Of My Summer (Nail Polish Pictures & Review)

Hi there! Today I have 2 of the creme polishes from China Glaze's Sunsational Neons collection to share with you!  This collection was somewhat elusive for me to track down- for some reason none of my local Sally Beauty Supply stores were stocking this. I finally got to Cosmoprof Beauty Supply and snagged a few more (I did manage to get Shell-O from a salon a few weeks back).

2 things you should know about these 2 polishes- they have extremely annoying formulas AND they are extremely beautiful. So I guess their beauty cancels out the fact that they were thick and streaky and very temperamental to work with?  (For me anyway ;)

Here we go!  3 layers of each plus one layer of topcoat since these dry to a semi matte finish:

Neon & On- a bright hot pink:
 Indoors, you can see more of the true color:

And here's Highlight Of My Summer, a light minty lime green:
 This is even brighter in real life!

What do you think of these shades? Are you willing to put up with a moody polish formula if it's a color you really like?


  1. They are gorgeous altogether! The formula would annoy me a bit but most of my China Glaze polishes are 3 coaters anyway. At least they dry fairly quickly

  2. I have both of these shades, and I love them...yeah, you have to deal with the tricky formula, but they are stunning shades. <3

  3. I loved the colors but the formula was just...no...just say no. I wasn't willing to put up with the bad formula so I didn't keep mine. I know other people have made them work but I just didn't want to deal with them. It was major sad panda time because I was so looking forward to this collection.

  4. I love them both!! Really pretty colors!

  5. Both are beautiful shades! Neon & On looks perfect on you. :) Highlight Of My Summer is the only one of my picks from this collection that I haven't tried yet. Gotta get on that!

  6. The mint green is gorgeous! Not sure if I could deal with the formula though!

  7. The mint one is my fav! just tried it as well, looks awesome