Incoco Nail Polish Appliques (Pictures, Review, and Giveaway!)

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Hi friends! I recently tried on these Incoco Nail Polish Appliques and I gotta say, they are pretty awesome. They are by far the easiest "strips" I've tried--application was simple really.  They laid nice and flat once on my nail, with no bubbling or bulging or peeling at all.

The set comes with 16 "double-ended strips" of real nail polish appliques. I cannot stress enough how useful the double-ended part was- each end of the strips varied slightly in size, ensuring that you could find the perfect fit for your cuticle area. This is something I've always had trouble with in the past, as my nail beds are on the small size. You prep the nail by pushing back your cuticles and slightly buffing the nail surface with the file they include. Then you peel off the strip, place it on your nail, gently pull it to give it a nice, taught application, and fold the top over your free edge. You can use the file to buff off the excess nail polish strip. That's it! Easy peasy.  I wore the "Glory Days" design, which is totally perf for the 4th of July (please ignore my dry cuticles!):

Pretty cool, huh? Wanna try some yourself? You can order from Incoco's website here, or you could also enter my giveaway for 2 packs of Incoco Nail Polish Appliques shown below!!

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  1. all done! :) thanks for this lovely giveaway! :)

  2. Happy 4th of July, Maribeth! These strips are not only appropriately festive, but look so good on you too!

  3. Love them! I have always wanted to try.... Love your posts --- very inspiring!