KB Shimmer: The Dancing Green (Nail Polish Pictures, Swatches, Review)

Yay!  I received this polish from the absolutely lovely Heather of Peace, Love, Polish as a birthday gift (my birthday is this coming Saturday, the 13th!).  KB Shimmer The Dancing Green is a bright green jelly base that is packed with glitter. Here's an in depth description of the glitter mix from KB Shimmer's website:
This polish features fuchsia square glitters, chartreuse dots,  sapphire hex glitters and fuchsia dots.  A subtle micro shimmer completes this emerald colored polish.

I did 3 layers of polish for these photos. The first 2 layers were very easy to apply, but by the 3rd layer the glitter was building up a ton and becoming thicker on the nail. I probably would only do 2 layers next time--it will allow more of the "jelly-ness" of this polish to show ;-)

 I am in love with KB Shimmer! (You can see my review of the other KB I own, What's Your Damage?, here!)  Their polishes can be purchased from their website:www.kbshimmer.com

Thanks again Heather for this lovely gift!! xoxox