Zoya Pixie Dust Collection For Fall 2013! (Nail Polish Pictures, Swatches, Review)

                                                                                                                                               Press Sample

Zoya has a new set of Pixie Dust nail polishes for Fall out!  If you are unfamiliar with  "Pixie Dust", these polishes have a textured matte finish mixed with a beautiful shimmer, topped with an unbelievable wear time! (Not a huge texture fan? Fear not, you can still wear these beauties- simply apply 1-2 layers of topcoat to smooth away the texture.)

Alright, so first up is Tomoko, described as "champagne silver". Um, this is beautiful. Might just be my favorite Pixie Dust yet....you have to see the sparkle in person. A little bit on the sheer side, I did 3 layers of polish here:

Next is Sunshine, a "Van Gogh" navy blue according to Zoya (which is a SUPER way to describe this color). Totally awesome and only ONE layer of polish needed for full coverage:

Then there is Chita, a deep forest green. Again, this one only required 1 layer of polish! This one definitely feels "Fall-ish" to me ;-)

Oooh, and then there is the juicy orange copper known as Dhara. I totally think of Fall foliage or an Autumn sunset when I see this (ok, maybe not but I am dying over here at 99 degrees!  I want Fall!!)

Then we have Arabella (hmmm...this name brings me back to my soap opera watchin' days....All My Children/Babe, anyone?) is a hot pink fuschia and it is gorgeous! I did 2 layers for this photo:

Last, there is Carter, a royal purple that is just too freakin' pretty for words. In real life, this is a slight bit more warm toned than it appears in my photo, I did 2 layers of polish here:

There you have it- Zoya's Fall Pixies!  Which ones do you like?  These can be purchased from www.zoya.com for $9 each.


  1. Your swatches look amazing! I can't wait to order mine!

  2. I love Chita and Carter! Definitely have to pick those ones up.

  3. I wasn't too crazy about these colors at first, but now that I've seen full swatches, they're all really growing on me!

  4. Beautiful swatches, Maribeth! :)

  5. Sunshine is fantastic on you!