Zoya Ultra Glitter Luna (Nail Polish Pictures, Swatches, Review)

 (Today is the last day to enter!! Good luck!)

Hello nail friends!  Today I am wearing Zoya Luna which I received as a birthday gift from my gal Amber from Nails Like Lace!   

This "Ultra Glitter" has a light gray base and is packed with fine silver glitter.  Not only is this super pretty, but it dries nice and smooth with no grittiness at all!  I did 3 layers of polish plus one layer of topcoat for the pictures below:

I love, love, love this Amber! Thanks again ;-)

Zoya polishes can be purchased from www.zoya.com!


  1. Oh this is so gorgeous on you! I love the length of your nails right now, they look amazing!

  2. You're welcome, this is really pretty! I'd never even considered it until I got yours, but I've been debating getting one for myself ever since! =P