Before Summer Is Over...More China Glaze Sunsational Neons (Nail Polish Pictures & Jelly Sandwiches!)

I CANNOT believe that it is almost the end of August!!  I figured I had to wear these neons from China Glaze's Sunsational Neon collection while I still had the chance. Although, don't get me wrong-I'd totally wear them mid-winter too. (You can see other colors from this collection here and here)

Here's 3 layers of Keepin' It Teal, a teal jelly polish. I read other reviews on this and knew to expect it to be super sheer. I still was somehow surprised by how sheer it actually was:
Next I added one layer of OPI The Living Daylights and topped it with one last layer of Keepin' It Teal for a jelly sandwich effect:

Next is Are You Jelly? Here's 3 layers of this grapey purple jelly:

For this next sandwich, I used OPI Minnie Style and topped it again with one last layer of Are You Jelly? I love the red glitter and purple base combo!

Did you get any of these neons this summer? If so, I hope you had some fabulous adventures while wearing them!!


  1. I love these colors! But even though summer is almost over, I'll still wear summery colors! :)

  2. Love these in jelly sandwiches!

  3. Wah! I can't believe it's already the end of August too! lol
    These polishes are beautiful! I love that you paired them with the glitters! Great combos!

  4. Loving the purple jelly sandwich!