Duri Insidious Chapter 2 Collaboration (Nail Polish Pictures, Nail Art & Review)

Press Sample

Hi fellow polish lovers! Today I have a really cool new collection from one of my FAVORITE brands, Duri to share with you! This collection is being launched in  collaboration with the release of the creeptastic new movie, Insidious Chapter 2!  Now I am a gigantic baby when it comes to horror movies, so this is a "safe" way for me to feel like I am participating in the release of the movie without scaring myself to death.
From Duri's Press Release: "Duri Cosmetics is launching an exclusive nail polish collection in collaboration with the release of Insidious: Chapter 2, the sequel to the cult horror film Insidious starring Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson.  The new Insidious: Chapter 2 Collection includes six shocking and suspenseful shades that will take the fright out of any movie date night.  

 Suggested retails $6 per bottle." 

Into The Further- a pure black creme polish. This one applied very nicely, and has great coverage. I only needed 2 layers of polish for these photos:

Lady In White- iridescent, "ghost-like" white. This has a little smidge of shimmer and is really gorgeous without being chalky. 3 layers of polish for this one:

Shocking Twist- a lime green creme with a hint of yellow (brighter in "real life"). 2 layers of polish shown:

Red Door- a warm red creme-jelly polish. I love how shiny this one is! 3 layers shown:

Nightfall- "shimmering midnight blue". Aaaaaah! Instant love. 2 layers:

Steel Shadows- dark metallic gray. This one is super pigmented and you could probably get away with just one layer of polish (however, I used 2 for these photos):

And here are some quick nail art looks I did with these colors!

First, I used Lady In White as a base then "blobbed" (--professional nail tech terminology--) some Red Door and Shocking Twist on top. Using a a push pin, I swirled the colors around together and then outward to create some abstract designs that ended up reminding me of open wounds (appropriate for horror movies, am I right?)

For this one I used Shocking Twist as the base and then using a dotting tool, I dabbed on Nightfall:

Then I wanted to try to create some ghostly swirls. I (again) blobbed on some Lady In White and Red Door, but this time I used a piece of waxy paper and swirled the colors together on there. Then I placed my nail (already painted with Red Door) into the swirl:

And one last easy one with Into The Further painted as the base and Steel Shadows on half of each nail:

If you haven't tried Duri yet, you must. Their polishes are fantastic quality, and their color range is amazingly awesome. Check out their website here: www.duri.com  You won't regret it!!
Insidious Chapter 2 will be in theaters this coming Friday (the 13th)!


  1. I'm loving Lady in White! It is so pretty and refreshing!

  2. I have never tried this line but I am intrigued now!

  3. These are beautiful polishes and I love the different nail art techniques you used! :D

  4. That white! And your nail art is so cool!

  5. I just got a chance to try Duri and I'm impressed with the quality of the polish. However, I don't now if it was just my bottle or what, but Nightfall smelled like death. Seriously. lol And it's so pretty!!!! I am so going to watch the movie since I loved the first one.