Duri Truth Or Dare Collection For Fall/Winter 2013 (Nail Polish Pictures and Review)

Press Sample

One of my absolute favorite brands, Duri, is releasing a new Fall collection called "Truth or Dare"!  These 12 polishes encompass everything from pale nudes to deep, dark hues, plus everything in between. Take a peek:

Naked Truth- a pale, white pink creme. Totally 'clean' looking!  (2 layers of polish shown here):

 Sheer Bluff- a nude creme with hints of lavender. This one almost looks like it has specks of darker pigment in it too.  (2 layers):

 Pink Player- a medium rose creme polish (2 layers):

 Lilac Liar- a cool toned, lilac pink creme (2 layers):

 Fuschia Finish- a, you guessed it, pretty fuschia pink creme (2 layers):

  Coral Start- gorgeous medium coral...a little orangey and a little pinkish too. This is one of my favs! (2 layers):

 Lucky Strike- beautiufl medium blue creme. This one reminds me of Essie Butler Please, only a bit more toned down (2 layers):

 Grey Area- a deep, dusty greenish grey creme (2 layers):

 Double Dare- a delicious, bright, shiny red creme (2 layers):

 Question Mark- the perfect burgundy shade for fall (2 layers):

Berry Vague- dark, luscious purple creme (2 layers):

 Murky Answer- a deep, purple tinged brown (2 layers):

Of course, I had to go ahead and do some polka dots. The base is Grey Area and the dots are Sheer Bluff:

If I've said it once, I've said it 1 million times- Duri makes a fantastic product. I've yet to experience a single 'dud'- the formulas are always consistent and wonderful, and the colors are on point. Check out www.duri.com to buy this collection. The best part? They are only $6 each!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Beautiful colors! Naked Truth is my fave :)

  2. What pretty colors!! I love Lucky Strike and Double Dare.

  3. Fuchsia Finish is such a juicy shade, and I just love Grey Area!

  4. I think I died lol. These are all so gorgeous!

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