Glitzy Glazes! (Nail Polish Pictures, Swatches, & Review)

Press Sample

Today I have polishes from a new indie brand called Glitzy Glazes (such a cute name, am I right?).   Kathi, the creator of Glitzy Glazes, sent me 2 glitters to try:

 First, let's talk packaging. Both of these arrived well bubble wrapped and each in an individual baggie. The bottles themselves are adorned with a little crystal on the top and although you can't tell from photo, the label is iridescent (and very pretty!!).

Each botte has Kathi's signature on the back as well :
The first one I put on is Our First Time Around, a sheer white 'crelly' (creme/jelly) base with black, white, iridescent and red glitters in heart shapes, bar glitters, and different sized hexes. I did 2 layers here on top of a white base:

Next is I'm So, So Sari, a clear based glitter with tiny orange and pinkish glitters, with a mix of larger multicolored glitters in different shapes. There's yellow flower shapes, red stars, white squares, and teal hexes, just to name a few. Here is 2 layers on top of a black base. I LOVE THIS! The glitter combo is just gorgeous:

Both of these polishes applied very nicely. I had to fish the larger hearts of out "Our First Time Around", but heart glitters are notoriously illusive ;-) "I'm So, So Sari" required zero fishing and applied super easily.

Head over to Glitzy Glaze's Facebook page and click on "Store"...you can get a coupon for 'liking' their page!


  1. NIce! I do love trying out new indie brands, thank you for showcasing these!

  2. oh em gee!this looks really pretty! ^___^ will check them out for sure!thanks for sharing pretty! :D

    Cj of www.pinayontheloose.com

  3. MB, thanks for the gorgeous pictures! (and fantastic review, too)~Kathi ♥

  4. oh my goodness! These are super cute!