Twinsie Tuesday: Inspired By A Magazine

Happy Tuesday!  Today's Twinsie theme is "Inspired By A Magazine"...since it's been a bajillion years since I've actually purchased a magazine, I had to find something online. I went to Glamour's site and found this article posted yesterday about stripes being a nail trend, and that is what I did on my nails today. Sounds simple, right? I had the most difficult time with this, and had to attempt it twice. It's not perfect, but I quit while I was "ahead":

Wet N Wild French White as base; OPI Embarca-Dare Ya! as the stripes

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  1. Very cool! Love the shimmery magenta over the white.

  2. The OPI pops nicely over the white. Striping tape would've been necessary for me. I'm no good at freehanding anything!

  3. I think this turned out great! Love that OPI!

  4. You know what? Sometimes we forget how something so simple can look so great. I love the red/magenta and white here and it just looks so polished. I approve! ;)

  5. Your stripes turned out great! I love how simplistic, yet chic, this is :D

  6. You just need some bows and you'd have Christmas present nails! ^.^ Don't feel bad, though, straight lines and I don't get along at all either!