Twinsie Tuesday: Slayed The Lemming

Happy Tuesday! Our theme this week is "Slayed the lemming". This is polish-speak for "which polish invaded your dreams for months and months until finally you found it/purchased it/ made it yours?".  I'm cheating this week, and re-posting a blog entry I first wrote back in April this year. That was when I FINALLY 'slayed' my #1 sought after polish(es). Here's the original post:

CND Flesh Foward: Perfectly Bare Nail Polish Colour & Effect Duo

The polish set I'm showing you today has been on my wish list since it first launched in a limited edition sort of way back in Spring 2011. CND (Creative Nail Design) is probably best known nowadays for their "Shellac" gel manicures, but they make fabulous "normal" polishes too that I find quite collectible.  They have their collection of Colours (usually cremes) and then Effects (shimmers, glitters, etc). For awhile they were releasing these sets that came with both a colour & effect, and I made it my personal mission to own all of them.

I was doing great collecting them- I picked up Urban Oasis, Red Hot, Pink Wishes, Plum Truffle, The Look Fall/Winter 2011. I even happened upon The Look Spring/Summer 2010 when I wasn't expecting it.

But this damn "Perfectly Bare" set kept eluding me. The longer I went without finding it, the more I wanted it. I obsessively searched Ebay, blog sales, and Google trying to find a set. Nothing.  "Would it be weird if I contacted someone who once featured it on their blog and offer them my firstborn in exchange for their CND Perfectly Bare set?".  Yes. That went through my mind (briefly).

One night, while sitting on the computer really late, my husband started talking about something he bought on Amazon. It hit me- I've never thought to check there for My Precious!  Wouldn't you know that I found it there within 2 seconds and I yelled out loud.  I don't think I've ever ordered anything so quick in my life (you know, because everyone else up at 3am in pining after a long forgotten nail polish set like me).

A week later, it arrived. My life was now complete.

 Here's 2 layers of the Perfectly Bare Colour. It was super thick and could've used some nail thinner. I didn't care because I was just so overjoyed to finally own her. This polish is just enough peach and just enough pink. LOVE:

 Next, I topped that with one layer of the Perfectly Bare Effect which gave my nails a nude, shimmery glow:

 CND hasn't released any new sets in at least a year. I'm not sure if they plan on doing so. I tried to contact them to find out, but I haven't heard back yet. One can only hope ;)

Is there a polish or beauty product that has eluded you in the past? Do you still think about it, or have you conquered it?  (OR, better yet- did you find it?!)


I now know that CND has indeed halted production on these polishes, so no more for me in the future :( I can still rest easy, knowing that I found this and my collection is complete!

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