Essie Winter 2013 | Toggle To The Top & Parka Perfect (or is it Mind Your Mittens??) Nail Polish Pictures & Review

Trying to control myself a little bit, I only picked up 2 from Essie's new Winter 2013 collection, but they are amongst my favorite polishes that I've seen this season!

Parka Perfect (which has popped up in some press samples labeled as another color, "Mind Your Mittens") is a dusty, light blue with a smidge of gray and a very subtle, hidden shimmer. Gorgeous color and formula is excellent too (2 layers shown here):

Next is Toggle To The Top, a cranberry base with matching glitter bits mixed in. These 2 colors looked too pretty standing next to each other, I had to do an accent nail and wear them together!  I waited till Parka Perfect dried, and then I placed some striping tape on top and painted Toggle To The Top over it to create a line design:

After letting the top color dry for a few minutes, I slowly took the tape off to reveal the design:
 I kept my thumb wearing Parka Perfect too:

Are you picking any of the Winter Essies up?

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  1. what a gorgeous mani! i love that red sparkle polish, i think it fits for this fall season!

  2. Oh wow, I love the look of Toggle to the Top. It reminds me of Leading Lady from last year.

  3. Toggle To The Top seems like a real winner! :)

  4. What a pretty combo!! Both look great!

  5. They're both gorgeous! My favorite is Toggle To The Top! :)

  6. Ooh I love your picks from this collection! I've yet to get any from the collection!

  7. I'm too chicken to try striping, but I love how your pattern turned out! As to the name, I have it from the higher ups at Essie, that the shade you have is indeed 'Mind Your Mittens' -- 'Parka Perfect' is the darker more teal-like shade of this collection. I don't know how the labels got mixed up, but heads are gonna roll!

  8. I would never hide a little marvel like Parka Perfect under this...