Matte Leopard Nail Art

Today's post combines 2 trends I never tire of- leopard nail art & matte nails!  What do you think of this look?

And here are the polishes I used: OPI My Vampire Is Buff for the base; With a dotting took, I applied Julep Olivia & Sienna for the spots; Then OPI  Matte Top Coat over everything to mattify it (note: I waited over a half hour to apply my top coat, and I still smudged my design a little. This requires a lot of patience!)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. It's beautiful, love the colors together. I've had matte top coat smudge my already dry designs too, so I top coat with my usual (HK or Seche) THEN use the matte.

  2. Love, love, love but yeah, I'm impatient too so I get the smudging a lot myself.

  3. I tried this last weekend using Julep Florence as the base and OPI Goldeneye, Chocolate Moose and Black Onyx for the spots. I waited about 45 minutes before I applied the OPI Matte Top Coat and it smudged my design. I was so disappointed because it was really cute and took a long time to do :(

  4. Anything matte is gorgeous in my book! And I always get smudging with a matte topcoat - no matter how hard I try not too!