NEW~ Zoya Awaken Collection For Spring Plus Monet Special Effect Topper (Nail Polish Pictures & Review)

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Hey there!  Have you seen Zoya's newest collection for Spring yet? Here's some pictures of the new "Awaken" collection!  Also included here are shots of "Monet", their new *Special Effect* glitter topper:

 Dot- a sweet baby pink cream. If your collection is lacking a great light pink, this one has a really nice formula and shiny finish! (3 layers):

 Monet (multi colored cellophane holographic topper) over Dot:

Cole- a creamy peach polish! I love this one a LOT! (2 layers shown):

I did some little flowers with a dotting tool using the colors Brooklyn & Hudson over Cole :

Brooklyn- is a white gold shimmer polish. It can be a little brush-strokey, but if you are careful with application, it's not a bad look at all (2 layers):

I did an accent nail with Monet over Brooklyn and I loved how this looked as well!

Dillon- a minty green shimmer (3 layers shown):

Here's Monet over Dillon...this might be my favorite combo:

Hudson- a purple orchid metallic shimmer (and since "radiant orchid" was named the color of the year by Panetone, this is simply perfect!) 3 layers shown:

Rebel- described by Zoya as "blue sky metallic", the perfect way to describe this beauty (2 layers):

 I'm seriously loving this collection from Zoya. Every single color just yells, "SPRING!" and it puts me in a great mood. Monet is such a fun way to jazz up a manicure!

You can purchase these shades from www.zoya.com ! Will you be picking any of these up?

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"Resort Fling" & "Find Me An Oasis" From The Essie Resort Collection for Spring 2014! (Nail Polish Pictures, Swatches, Review)

Hey girl, hey! Today I'm sharing pictures of 2 of the new polishes from Essie's annual "Resort Collection"! These two shades instantly called out to me and I needed them at ONCE!  (There are 2 others in the collection as well, a khaki & dark blue):

Resort Fling- Yes, yes, YES! A melon hued jelly polish that is so juicy and delicious looking!  I have to tell you that it is extremely sheer- I used 4 layers of polish here which is redic and something I will ONLY tolerate if the polish is utterly amazing. Since I love this color soooooo much, I will put up with it for the time being. Truth be told, you could probably get away with 3 layers in "real life" (as opposed to blog life, which is unrealistically up close & personal)

Find Me An Oasis- a baby blue that is so bright, it's almost white!  It looks clean and fresh and delightful on your hands and I'm willing to bet it would be that kind of color that makes your feet look more tan if you did a pedi with it (note to self: test this theory out). 2 layers of polish shown here:

I think that both of these colors make great "transitional" shades to wear going from Winter into Spring.  Will you be giving any Spring Essie's a test run?

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Twinsie Tuesday: Favorite Polish Brand

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Hi there!  Today's Twinsie Tuesday theme is "Favorite Polish Brand", and if you read my Twinsie post from last week ("Nail Polish Collection") you know that I have an over abundance of OPI! When I went to nail school back in the late 90's, we were trained with all OPI products and that is when my love affair with them blossomed!  For my nails today, I followed the design technique from Cute Polish on Youtube using all OPI colors. It's so simple and creates a really cool effect:

Here are the colors I used (L-R): Don't Bossa Nova Me Around, OPI Scores A Goal, & You're Such A Budapest:

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Nail Of The Day: Leopard & Red Nail Art

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How's your Friday treating you?? I woke up thinking about nails (wow, shocking). I was shopping at Harmon's last night and saw these little Fingrs brand fake nails with the cutest leopard print design on them:


I'm not a fan of wearing artificial nails, but I kept thinking, "I NEED this design on my nails...NOW!".  So when I got up, I went to work creating a mani inspired by my shopping trip last night. I painted the nails that I wanted to do the "V" design on first, letting them dry completely before moving on to the next step: scotch tape. Taking 2 pieces of tape per nail (and pressing them on my hand first a few times to remove some of the stickiness), I tape off the V and then painted with the alternating color. I used dotting tools to blob on my spots, and then a striping brush for the glitter:

Colors used: OPI "All I Want For Christmas Is OPI" (the red), OPI "My Vampire Is Buff" (the nude), and OPI "My Favorite Ornament" (gold glitter), Nicole By OPI "Taupe Of My Class" & "Promises In The Dark" for the spots.

Am I the only freak dreaming about nails? :)  What's on your nails for the weekend??

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Zoya Magical Pixie Dust Textured Nail Polish Collection ~ NEW For Spring 2014!

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Here's some more sparkly fun for Spring- this time, from Zoya!  Zoya newest textured nail polishes, the "Magical Pixie Dust" collection consists of 3 super glittery gems:

 Lux- a "rose quartz" sparkle (2 layers shown here):

Cosmo- "silver crystal" sparkle (2 layers):

Vega- "blue opal" sparkle (2 layers):

Final Thoughts: Each of these 3 polishes had a great formula that dried down to a textured, slightly gritty finish. They are meant to be worn without topcoat, but you can definitely add one if you want a smoother finish. The best part about these textured polishes is that the wear time is unmatched! Also, if you are someone that has any imperfections on your nail beds from peeling or past acrylic wear, this types of finish does a wonderful job as far as hiding flaws!

These can be purchased from www.zoya.com for $10 each or from select salon locations.

Which one is your fave?! I have to go with "Lux"...I'm definitely a pink girl, all the way!

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Twinsie Tuesday: Share Your Polish Collection (A.K.A- What A "Cosmetic Hoarder" Actually Looks Like) PLUS My Makeup Collection Pics!


Ok. I've wanted to do a post like this for awhile, and this week's Twinsie Tuesday prompt has finally forced me to do it. We are showcasing our polish collections this week!  I decided to throw in my makeup collection as well (you know, since I was all up in that shizz, photographing like a champ anyway).

Warning: I'm not a very organized person. I know where everything is, but I could definitely improve. If you're more OCD, my random drawers (sorted only by brand) may drive you a bit nuts!

Warning #2: If you're not a cosmetic hoarder, you may fine this post very excessive. That being said, I know there are people out there with WAY larger collections than me (this helps me sleep at night).  I've also been collecting for years, so ....there.  Also, aside from blogging about beauty, I also have my nail license and work as a freelance makeup artist on occasion. Those are my excuses/justifications. Who am I kidding!?! I LOVE my collection and wouldn't change a thing!! NO REGRETS! :)

For starters, here is my makeup & polish hub, tucked away in the corner of my bedroom:

(L) Extra back up products and (R) Nail art supplies
 Oh and I have this box of giveaway stuff under my desk, just waiting for me to get my butt in gear and organize the giveaway I have planned in my mind!  Look for that soon!

Now here's what the drawers inside my Helmer storage units (sold at IKEA) look like, drawer by drawer:

OPI is definitely my largest collection (brand wise). It's almost at 2 full Helmer drawers:

Eeek. Zoya is full. And I don't have another empty drawer to start filling yet! GOING BACK TO IKEA THIS WEEK!

As far as indies go, I have a penchant for KB Shimmer & Different Dimension. I realized after I labeled this pic that my Nails Inc are also in this drawer (not an indie brand) oops:

How sad is this drawer looking? Note to self: Get more Nubars, Orly's, and Sinful Colors to make this look better :)

And here's some shots of my makeup collection, just for fun!

Phew! I may pass out. I don't think I'm emotionally ready to deal with how large my collection has slowly become.  I'm in the market for a new storage setup for my makeup specifically, so once I get that, I may do a "before and after" type post. How am I suppose to even remember what I actually have with drawers looking all a fool like that?  Just kidding. I have photographic makeup/polish memory. What's that, you ask? I can literally tell you where and when I bought or got each item in this post, and I'm not even joking. If only I could put that brainpower to more productive use!!

How do you store your polishes? Which brand do you have the most of?

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