Twinsie Tuesday: Share Your Polish Collection (A.K.A- What A "Cosmetic Hoarder" Actually Looks Like) PLUS My Makeup Collection Pics!


Ok. I've wanted to do a post like this for awhile, and this week's Twinsie Tuesday prompt has finally forced me to do it. We are showcasing our polish collections this week!  I decided to throw in my makeup collection as well (you know, since I was all up in that shizz, photographing like a champ anyway).

Warning: I'm not a very organized person. I know where everything is, but I could definitely improve. If you're more OCD, my random drawers (sorted only by brand) may drive you a bit nuts!

Warning #2: If you're not a cosmetic hoarder, you may fine this post very excessive. That being said, I know there are people out there with WAY larger collections than me (this helps me sleep at night).  I've also been collecting for years, so ....there.  Also, aside from blogging about beauty, I also have my nail license and work as a freelance makeup artist on occasion. Those are my excuses/justifications. Who am I kidding!?! I LOVE my collection and wouldn't change a thing!! NO REGRETS! :)

For starters, here is my makeup & polish hub, tucked away in the corner of my bedroom:

(L) Extra back up products and (R) Nail art supplies
 Oh and I have this box of giveaway stuff under my desk, just waiting for me to get my butt in gear and organize the giveaway I have planned in my mind!  Look for that soon!

Now here's what the drawers inside my Helmer storage units (sold at IKEA) look like, drawer by drawer:

OPI is definitely my largest collection (brand wise). It's almost at 2 full Helmer drawers:

Eeek. Zoya is full. And I don't have another empty drawer to start filling yet! GOING BACK TO IKEA THIS WEEK!

As far as indies go, I have a penchant for KB Shimmer & Different Dimension. I realized after I labeled this pic that my Nails Inc are also in this drawer (not an indie brand) oops:

How sad is this drawer looking? Note to self: Get more Nubars, Orly's, and Sinful Colors to make this look better :)

And here's some shots of my makeup collection, just for fun!

Phew! I may pass out. I don't think I'm emotionally ready to deal with how large my collection has slowly become.  I'm in the market for a new storage setup for my makeup specifically, so once I get that, I may do a "before and after" type post. How am I suppose to even remember what I actually have with drawers looking all a fool like that?  Just kidding. I have photographic makeup/polish memory. What's that, you ask? I can literally tell you where and when I bought or got each item in this post, and I'm not even joking. If only I could put that brainpower to more productive use!!

How do you store your polishes? Which brand do you have the most of?

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  1. I wish I had a little corner in my room like this!!!!! So jealous!

    1. I'm afraid of what's going to happen when I need 2 or 3 more Helmers! I don't know where I'll put them!!

  2. wow! im enjoying schrolling down this pictures! love your collection :)

  3. I see where you came up with the name of your blog.
    I LOOOOOOVE IT!!!!! You go girl!
    And I think my organization is similar to yours. But maybe divide it by 10! lol

  4. Ha! I love the "empty Sephora boxes"! I have so many boxes that I can't throw away. I always use them for swaps and to ship giveaway prizes etc.

    1. LIke, seriously!? Why, why do I keep them????!! I have another bookshelf in my room that is over run with Julep boxes and other packages...I just can't stop hoarding!

  5. I love your little workstation/set up! I love the OPI drawer(s) :)

  6. I love that you want to get more Sinfuls, etc. to make the drawer look better. LOL!! Great stash. I wish I had space in my bedroom for my own hub :(.

  7. This is a thing of beauty! Love it!

  8. This post makes me feel a little better about my make up collection. I have these awesome Lori Grenier make up storage thingies I bought on QVC and they help me keep everything organized. I have a thing for lipsticks. I also have a thing for blushes. I love eyeshadow palettes but I rarely even wear eye shadow. I just need help.

    1. I've seen the Lori QVC stuff and I'm tempted!! I keep buying nude lipgloss...I have the same shade in every brand and then I buy more...wtf? I also buy lipsticks and never wear them! Issues ;)

  9. Funny post!
    I liked it very much.... and congratulation for your fantastic nail polish and make up collection! O_°

  10. Haha, "fill up this drawer so it doesn't look so sad" - I love it! :D (like we really need excuses to buy ALL the polish)
    Great post, and a lovely stash you have there, neatly organized.

    1. Thanks purple rain!!! I truly do have a million excuses as to why I need more :) I'm the best at enabling myself! lol

  11. Wow love all the pictures! Your polish and makeup collection is amazing! :D

  12. This is quite an awesome nail polish and make-up collection! I love the organization, and your station is so cute!

  13. Okay, WOW, I just kept scrolling and scrolling, and my jaw just kept dropping more and more! So jelly of your organization. And so jelly you can get Sation where you live! Yes, definitely more Nubar and Orly is in order, but then I'd probably have agreed with that assessment no matter how many of them you already had. ;)