Twinsie Tuesday: Grunge Nails

Hi there! This week's Twinsie theme is "grunge nails".  For my manicure, I layered polishes (Zoya Hudson (purple) & Cole (peach) on sections of each nail, then I topped everything with black (OPI Onyx). Then taking a small brush dipped in acetone, I gently brushed off bits of the black polish to reveal the colors underneath. Here's what I ended up with:

I will try this again with brighter "undies" next time I think!  Overall, I think it's a pretty cool look. Be sure to check out the other 'Twinsies' grunge nails!

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  1. This is nice! I think a couple of nail studs could totally pull it altogether and make it look like a distressed jacket or something.

    xo Maddy | blog: spilledpolish | indie polish: Beyond the Nail

  2. These do look pretty neat! I actually really like the colors you used!

  3. Your brave to do the acetone brush design! And it turned out great!

  4. Pretty cool. I like the "dirtiness" of this mani.

  5. It looks like acid ate away on the top layers, I LOVE it!

  6. Love the shimmer in the black. Nice color combo!

  7. Oooh this is definitely cool! Love the effect!

  8. I have yet to do this technique! now after seeing yours and ambers, I'm really itching to try it! Love it!

  9. These colors are great together! I love this!