Duri Herbatherapy Nail Treatment

Press Sample

Hi friends! Today I have a brand new product from Duri Cosmetics to share with you...meet Herbatherapy!

What is Herbatherapy? Here is the description straight from Duri's website:

Herbatherapy for nails and cuticles is a blend of natural herbal extracts and oils with real herb stem inside which constantly releases vitamins and microelements from leaves into the bottle content. Using Herbatherapy will soften your damaged dry cuticles and will nourish and moisturize your nail plate for flexibility of your new strong nails. Use Herbatherapy as many times in a day as you can. The combination of Rejuvacote and Herbatherapy is a powerful tool for your damaged nails.

It comes with a great little dropper, which makes it super easy to use:

How does it work? Well, I've been really rough on my nails this month. They have been peeling and breaking like no one's business. I started using this when I received it 2 weeks ago, and my cuticles have been super healthy looking, and I notice that the flexibility of my nails is much improved. I'd highly recommend this product if you are looking to keep your nails healthy and strong!

Where can you pick up this gem?  Here is the direct link to the product listing on Duri's website: Herbatherapy.

Thanks so much for stopping by!