NEW! Barielle Spring Vibrants Nail Polish Collection (Pictures,Swatches, & Review)

Press Sample

I have some more Barielle Spring colors to show you today! (See their other Spring collection, The Velvets, here!). These 6 colors are bright & fun:

My City Apartment- is a creamy gray . Okay, so this one doesn't scream "bright!!", but it's a great neutral alternative for the Spring and it pairs so nicely with the rest of this collection. (2 layers shown here):

First Class Ticket- a true periwinkle blue creme. I absolutely love this color for this time of year! (2 layers):

Designer's Shoes- about one jump deeper and more purple than First Class Ticket, this creme polish is a shiny delightful shade (2 layers):

Money Talks- this muted turquoise seemed dustier in the bottle, but as you can see, once it's on- it's bright and minty! This one was a little bit on the thick side, and I need 3 layers of polish to even everything out coverage-wise:

Take Me Shopping- bright coral-pink-red (depending on the lighting). This is the type of color I always gravitate towards during the summer months. I love it! (2 layers shown):

Fire Me Up- a juicy, blood orange color with a jelly-creme finish. Super shiny, and super gorgeous! (3 layers shown here):

Each of these colors can be purchased from www.barielle.com . Which one was your favorite!?


  1. great swatches! I really love Money Talks... Designer Shoes is cute too :)

  2. Beautiful swatches! I'm really liking Designer's Shoes! Lovely shade!

  3. My favorite is take me shopping..It is really beautiful...